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Kjetil Ask

Kjetil Ask, PhD

Associate Member
Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences

Assistant Professor, Medicine

Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health
50 Charlton Ave. E. - T2112
Hamilton, ON L8N 4A6

905-522-1155 ext. 35355

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Protein misfolding events have over the past 20 years been associated with the pathogenesis of multiple diseases, ranging from diseases of genetic origins (Cystic Fibrosis/1-Alpha Antitrypsin Deficiency) to metabolic disorders (Diabetes) and Cancer. We are interested to learn more about the molecular events that occur when proteins are not folded correctly in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and to elucidate the downstream activation of the Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) to clarify its possible role in disease initiation and progression. Our primary interest is related to events implicated in the initiation and progression of chronic lung disease. We believe that increased understanding of molecular pathways related to protein misfolding will yield novel targets and offer the possibility for future therapeutic modulation of so far untreatable chronic lung diseases.

Academic interests:

The McMaster Demystifying Medicine Seminar Series includes presentations of patients, pathology, diagnosis and therapy in the context of major diseases and current research. This translational seminar series is designed to help increase the understanding of how advances in biochemistry and biology can be applied to human disease. It is directed towards undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and researchers, medical students and clinicians. Please see more information at Demystifying Medicine Seminar Series.

Selected publications

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  • Ask K, Décologne N, Ginies C, Låg M, Boucher J-L, Holme JA, Pelczar H and Camus P. Nilutamide metabolism in rat lung. Biochem Pharmacol. 71(3):377-85, 2006.PMID:16313887
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