Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Sonia Anand

B.A. (Queens), M.D. (McMaster), Ph.D.(McMaster), F.R.C.P(C)

Eli Lilly Canada-May Cohen Chair in Women’s Health

Michael DeGroote Heart and Stroke Chair in Population Health and Epidemiology

Professor, Department of Medicine

Joint Member, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Team Leader, Cardiovascular Research in Gender (CARING)

Director, Population Genomics Program

Director, Vascular Medicine Clinic, Hamilton Health Sciences

CIHR Clinician-Scientist Phase 2 Award 2004-2009

905.525.9140 x 21523

McMaster University
1280 Main St. W.
Hamilton, ON L8S 4K1

Administrative Assistant: Kathy Stewart
905.525.9140 x 21523


Academic Interests

Dr. Anand contributes to the HRM program through teaching in Randomized Clinical Trials, and Non-Experimental Design courses.

Dr. Anand's current research is investigating the causes of cardiovascular disease among ethnic groups, population genetics, and women’s cardiovascular health.

Current HRM Graduate Students
Amandev Alukah
Larry Dekoning
Debika Burmen
Simon McRae
Catherine Kreatsoulas, PhD

Recent HRM Graduate Students
Fahad Razak
Catherine McGorian

Selected Publications

  1. Anand S, Xie C, Pare G, Montpetit A, Serre D, Rangarajan S, McQueen M, Cordell H, Keavney B, Yusuf S, Hudson T, Engert J. Genetic Variants Associated with Acute Myocardial Infarction in 8,000 Individuals from Five Ethnic Groups: The INTERHEART Genetics Study. Circulation Genetics 2009;2:16-25
  2. Anand SS, Islam S, Rosengren A, Grazia Franzosi M, Steyn K, Afzal Hussein Y, Keltai M, Diaz R, Rangarajan S, Yusuf S. Risk Factors for Myocardial Infarction in Women and Men: Insights from the INTERHEART Study. Euro Heart J 2008 Apr;29(7):932-40. 
  3. Hackam D, Anand S. Emerging risk factors for atherosclerotic vascular disease. JAMA 2003 Aug 20;290(7):932-40
  4. Anand S, Yusuf S, Jacobs R, Davis D, Gerstein H, Lonn E, Yi Q. Risk factors, atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular disease among Aboriginal People in Canada: The Study of Health Assessment and Risk Evaluation in Aboriginal Peoples (SHARE-AP) Lancet 2001 Oct 6;358(9288):1147-53.
  5. Anand SS, Yusuf S, Vuksan V, Devanesen S, Teo KK, Montague PA, Kelemen E, Guo T, Lonn E, Gerstein H, Hegele RA, McQueen M. Differences in cardiovascular disease between ethnic groups are not explained by conventional risk factors or atherosclerosis. The Study of Health Assessment and Risk in Ethnic Groups (SHARE). Lancet 2000; 356: 279-84.

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