Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Michael Boyle

BA (Western), MSW (Toronto), MSc (McMaster), PhD (Toronto)

Canada Research Chair in the Social Determinants of Child Health

Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences

Joint Member, Dept of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Core Member, Offord Centre for Child Studies

905.525.9140 x21499

Offord Centre for Child Studies
1280 Main Street West
MIP Suite 201A
Hamilton, ON, Canada L8N 3Z5

Office location:
175 Longwood Rd. S.
MIP 201A
Hamilton, ON, L8P 0A1


Academic Interests

My research interests are in four areas; determinants of child health, particularly the interplay between neighbourhood, familial and individual-level characteristics; health status measurement in children, particularly the classification and measurement of childhood psychopathology; research study design, particularly issues of sample selection, attrition and the generalizability of study findings across diverse samples; and statistical analysis, particularly the use of structural equation models, multilevel modelling and growth curve analysis

Selected Publications

  1. Boyle, M.H., Cunningham, C.E., Georgiades, K., Cullen, J., Racine, Y., & Pettingill, P. (in press). The Brief  Child and Family Phone Interview (BCFPI): 2. Usefulness in screening for child and adolescent psychopathology. Journal of Child Psychology and PsychiatryCairney J, Boyle MH, Lipman EL & Racine Y. Single mothers and the use of professionals for mental health care reasons. Social Sciences and Medicine (in press).
  2. Cunningham, C.E., Boyle, M.H., Hong, S., Pettingill, P., & Bohaychuk, D. (in press). The Brief Child and Family Phone Interview (BCFPI) 1: Rationale, development, and description of a computerized children’s mental health intake and outcome assessment tool. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.
  3. Guindon, G.E., Georgiades, K., Boyle, M.H. (2008). Susceptibility to smoking among South East Asian youth: a multilevel analysis. Tobacco Control, 17(June), 190-197..
  4. Georgiades, K., Boyle, M.H., Jenkins, J.M., Sanford,M., & Lipman, E. (2008). A multilevel analysis of whole family functioning using the McMaster Family Assessment Device. Journal of Family Psychology, 22(3), 344-354.
  5. Walsh, C.A., Jamieson, E., MacMillan, H.L., & Boyle, M.H. (2007). Child abuse andchronic pain in a community survey of women. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 22, 1536-1554.
  6. Georgiades, K., Boyle, M.H., & Duku, E. (2007). Contextual influences on children’s mental health and school performance: The moderating effects of family immigrant status. Child Development, 78, 1572-1591.
  7. Georgiades, K., & Boyle, M.H. (2007). Adolescent Substance Use and Young Adult Outcomes: Evidence from the Ontario Child Health Study Follow-up 2001. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 48, (7), 724-731.
  8. Snelling, D., Omariba, D.W.R., Hong, S., Georgiades, K., Racine, Y., & Boyle, M.H. (2007). HIV/AIDS knowledge, women’s education, epidemic severity and protective sexual behaviour in low and middle income countries. Journal of Biosocial Science, 39, 421-442.
  9. Boyle, M.H., Georgiades. K, Racine, Y., & Mustard, C. (2007). Neighborhood and family influences on educational attainment: Results from the Ontario Child Health Study Follow-up 2001. Child Development, 78, 169-189.
  10. Boyle, M.H. Racine, Y., Georgiades, K., Hong, S., Snelling, D., Hong, S., Omariba, W., Hurley, P., & Rao-Melacini, P. (2006). The influence of economic development level, household wealth and maternal education on child health in the developing world. Social Science and Medicine, 63, 2242-2254.

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