Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Lauren Griffith

BS (Michigan), MS (Michigan), PhD (Toronto)

Assistant Professor, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

New Investigator (2013-2018) Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

Associate Scientific Director, Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging

905.525.1940 x 21416

McMaster University
175 Longwood Rd. S. Suite 309a
Hamilton, ON L8P 0A


Academic Interests

Dr. Griffith’s primary research interest is to provide high quality evidence in the areas of multimorbidity, physical functioning and mobility, and to facilitate the integration of new and existing research to support evidence-informed decision making by policymakers and healthcare providers.

Her program of research that has three inter-related themes in aging research, including both substantive and methodologic components with the following goals:

1) To understand the role of multimorbidity on injury, mobility and physical functioning trajectories in community dwelling adults (45-64 years) and seniors (65 years and older)

2) To understand the epidemiology and progression of multimorbidity, including cognitive decline, among adults and seniors as it relates to mobility and physical functioning trajectories

3) To explore similarities and differences in multimorbidity, mobility and physical functioning and aging across populations using data from international cohort studies.

Selected Publications

  1. Griffith L, van den Heuvel E, Fortier I, Hofer S, Raina P, Sohel N, Payette H, Wolfson C, Belleville S. Harmonization of Cognitive Measures in Individual Participant Data and Aggregate Data Meta-Analysis. Methods Research Report. (Prepared by the McMaster University Evidence-based Practice Center under Contract No. 290-2007-10060-I.) AHRQ Publication No.13-EHC040-EF. Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; March 2013.
  2. Griffith LE, Sohel N, Walker K, Jiang Y, Mao Y, Hopkins D, Raina P. Consumer Products and Fall-Related Injuries in Seniors. Canadian Journal of Public Health 2012. Vol. 103, No. 5; 332-37.
  3. Balion C, Griffith LE, Strifler L, Henderson M, Heckman G, Patterson C, Llewellyn DJ, Raina P. Vitamin D, cognition and dementia: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Neurology 2012; 79:1397-405.
  4. Trikalinos TA, Balion C, Coleman CI, Griffith L, Santaguida PL, Vandermeer B, Fu R. Chapter 8: meta-analysis of test performance when there is a “gold standard”. J Gen Intern Med. 2012 Jun. 27 Suppl 1:S56-66.
  5. Griffith LE, Shannon HS, Wells RP, Walter SD, Cole DC, Côté P, Frank J, Hogg-Johnson S, Langlois LE, for the Meta-Analysis of Pain in the Lower Back and Work Exposures (MAPLE) Collaborative Group. Individual participant data meta-analysis of mechanical workplace risk factors and low back pain. A J Pub Health 2012 Feb;102(2):309–318. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2011.300343. Epub 2011 Dec 15.
  6. Griffith LE, Wells RP, Shannon HS, Cole DC, Côté P, Frank J, Hogg-Johnson S, Langlois LE, Walter SD for the Meta-Analysis of Pain in the Lower Back and Work Exposures (MAPLE) Collaborative Group. Translation of mechanical exposure in the workplace into common metrics for meta-analysis: a reliability and validity study. Occup Environ Med 2011;68:605-610.
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  8. Turner D, Schunemann HJ, Griffith LE, Beaton DE, Griffiths AM, Critch JN, Guyatt GH. The minimal detectable change cannot reliably replace the minimal important difference. J Clin Epidemiol 2010;63:28-36.
  9. Griffith LE, Raina PS, Wu H, Zhu B, Stathokostas L. Population attributable risk for functional disability in Canadian older adults: chronic conditions. Age Ageing 2010;39:738-745.
  10. Raina PS, Kirkland SA, Wolfson C, Szala-Meneok K, Griffith LE, Keshavarz H, Uniat J, Furlini L, Angus C, Strople G, Pelletier A. Accessing Health Care Utilization Databases for Health Research: A Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging Feasibility Study. Can J Aging 2009;28:287-294.

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