Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Greg Stoddart

BA (Western Ontario), PhD (UBC)

Professor, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Associate Member, Department of Economics

Member, Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis (CHEPA)

Member, Program in Policy Decision-Making (PPD)

905.525.9140 x22143

Faculty of Health Sciences
Health Sciences Centre, 2D1
1200 Main Street West
Hamilton, ON
L8N 3Z5

Office location: HSC-2D1

Academic Interests

Dr. Stoddart’s published work includes books, monographs, articles, and edited works on health-care financing, utilization analysis, human resource planning, alternative delivery modalities, methods and applications of economic evaluation of health services, social and economic determinants of health, cross-sectoral resource allocation for health, and the uptake of research evidence by policy decision-makers. His current research interests address topics from both the economics of health care and the economics of health, including: the public-private mix in health care finance; social and economic determinants of health and health care utilization; the development and application of conceptual frameworks for studies of the determinants of health; methods for the analysis of cross-sectoral resource allocation for health; and knowledge transfer to inform policy-making about health and health care. He teaches health economics to undergraduate, graduate and post-professional students from the Faculties of Health Sciences and Social Sciences, and has developed several new courses and programs during his thirty year teaching career at McMaster.

He was the founding Coordinator of the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis (CHEPA) and was a founding member of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research Population Health Program. He has served as a consultant to the World Health Organization, the World Bank, and several Canadian Ministries of Health and task forces at both the federal and provincial levels on a wide variety of health policy issues. He has held visiting research appointments at Odense University (Denmark), the University of British Columbia, and the Ontario Premier’s Council on Health, Well-Being and Social Justice.

Selected Publications

  1. Stoddart GL, Eyles JD, Lavis JN, Chaulk PC. Reallocating Resources Across Public Sectors to Improve Population Health. In: Heymann SJ, Hertzman C, Barer M, Evans RG. Healthier Societies: From Analysis to Action. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2006.p. 327-347.
  2. Birch S, Stoddart GL, Beland F. Modelling the Community as a Determinant of Health. Canadian Journal of Public Health 1998; 89(6):402-405 and a follow-up piece, Beland F, Birch S, Stoddart GL. Unemployment and Health: Contextual Level Influences on the Production of Health in Populations. Social Science and Medicine 2003; 55(11):2033-2052.
  3. Evans RG, Stoddart GL. Producing Health, Consuming Health Care. Social Science and Medicine 1990; 31(12):1347-63 and an invited retrospective on this seminal article, Evans RG, Stoddart GL. Consuming Research, Producing Policy? American Journal of Public Health 2003; 93(3):371-9.
  4. Lavis JN, Ross SE, Stoddart GL, Hohenadel JM, McLeod CM, Evans RG. Do Canadian Civil Servants Care About the Health of Populations? American Journal of Public Health 2003; 93(4):658-63.
  5. Lavis JN, Ross SE, Hurley JE, Hohenadel JM, Stoddart GL, Woodward CA, Abelson J. Examining the Role of Health Services Research in Public Policy-making. Milbank Quarterly 2003; 80(1):125-154.
  6. Stoddart GL, Chaulk P, Eyles J, et al. for the P.E.I. System Evaluation Project. Decision Support Tool #1: A Conceptual Framework for Cross-Sectoral Reallocation of Resources for Health. Charlottetown: Prince Edward Island Dept. of Health and Social Services, 1998.
  7. Stoddart GL. Le Défi de la Santé dans Les Economies Modernes. In: Jacobzone S, Berchery P, editors. Economie de la Santé: Trajectoires du Futur. Paris: INSEE (Méthodes No. 64-65); 1997. [Available in English as The Challenge of Producing Health in Modern Economies. Toronto: Canadian Institute for Advanced Research Working Paper No. 46; 1995.]
  8. Drummond MF, Stoddart GL, Torrance GW. Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes. 1st ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 1987. [Also available in Japanese (1990), Spanish (1991), Italian (1993).] Drummond MF, O’Brien BJ, Stoddart GL, Torrance GW. 2nd ed. 1997. [Also available in French (1998), Italian (2000), Spanish (2001), Greek (2002), Japanese (2003).] [Drummond MF, Schulpher MJ, Torrance GW, O'Brien BJ, Stoddart GL. 3rd ed 2005.]

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