Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Andrew Willan

BA (York), BEd (Queen's), MSc (Queen's), PhD (Western)

Professor Emeritus, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Senior Scientist, Program in Child Health Evaluative Sciences, Sick Kids Research Institute

Professor, University of Toronto, Dalla Lana School of Public Health

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Academic Interests

Dr. Willan is currently involved in methodologic research in the areas of health economics and the value of information.

Dr. Willan's current research collaborations include projects in health economics, pediatric emergency care, surgery, breast cancer, obstetrical care, pain management and cardiac devices.

Selected Publications

  1. Willan AR, Goeree R, Boutis K. Value of Information methods for planning and analyzing clinical studies optimize decision making and research planning. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2012; 65(8):870-876.
  2. Willan AR, Eckermann S. Accounting for between-study variation in incremental net benefit in value of information methodology. Health Economics 2012; 21(10):1183–1195.
  3. Willan AR, Eckermann S. Value of information and pricing new health care interventions. PharmacoEconomics 2012; 30(6):447-459.
  4. Pullenayegum EM, Willan AR. Marginal models for censored longitudinal cost data: appropriate working variance matrices in inverse-probability-weighted GEEs can improve precision. The International Journal of Biostatistics 2011; 7(1), Article 14.
  5. Willan AR. Sample size determination for cost-effectiveness trials. PharmacoEconomics 2011; 29(11):933-949.
  6. Eckermann S, Willan AR. Presenting and summarizing cost and effect evidence to best inform inference and societal decision making when comparing multiple strategies. PharmacoEconomics 2011; 29(7):563-577.
  7. Eckermann S, Coory M, Willan AR. Consistently estimating risk difference when translating evidence to jurisdiction of interest. PharmacoEconomics 2011; 29(2):87-96.
  8. Eckermann S, Karnon J, Willan AR. The value of information: Best informing research design and prioritization using current methods. PharmacoEconomics 2010; 28(9):699-709.
  9. Willan AR, Eckermann S. Optimal clinical trial design using value of information methods with imperfect implementation. Health Economics 2010; 19:549-561.

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