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From its founding in 1968 with David Sackett as its first Department Chair, CE&B has grown, diversified, and established an international reputation through the rigour and impact of its research and education programs. While famed for its roots in evidence-based medicine and clinical trials, the department’s strengths now add up to much more than the CE&B name suggests. Continued

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CE&B Researchers awarded $37.2M for health research

Photo of Dr. Salim YusufPhoto of Dr. PJ DevereauxPhoto of Dr. Sonia AnandPhoto of Dr. Deborah CookPhoto of Dr. Jean-Eric TarridePhoto of Dr. Mike WalshPhoto of Dr. Sarah McDonaldPhoto of Dr. Magdalena Janus

CE&B health researchers will receive a total of $37.2M from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research to further their high-impact research, the federal government announced today. The funds will support research ranging from a better understanding of how to combat bacteria to improving critical care, and from studying cardiovascular issues around the world to examining the relationship between the gut and the brain. More ►

Photo of Dr. Maureen Dobbins

$5.3M from Public Health for National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

“McMaster is a world leader in evidence-based practice and knowledge translation, and in developing knowledge sharing platforms that support clinicians, health professionals and policy makers use the best available evidence in practice and policy,” says Dobbins. More ►

Photo of Dr. Deborah Cook

Deborah Cook initaties Three Wishes Project

"We developed this project to try to bring peace to the final days of critically ill patients and to ease the grieving process," said Cook. "For the patients we wanted to dignify their deaths and celebrate their lives; for family members, to humanize the dying experience and create positive memories; and for clinicians, to foster patient and family-centred care." More ►

Photo of Dr. Kathryn Bennett

Paul Moayyedi research study may help to reduce the risk of gastric cancer

A research review for the Cochrane Library, led by Dr. Paul Moayyedi, has found that eliminating Helicobacter pylori bacterium — the main cause of stomach ulcers — with a short course of therapy of two commonly used medicines may help to reduce the risk of gastric cancer. More ►

Photo of Dr. Kathryn Bennett

Tim Whelan REsearch finds additional radiation reduces breast-cancer recurrence for some patients

The research, which examined the addition of regional nodal irradiation to whole-breast irradiation compared with whole-breast irradiation alone, is the lead article in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine this week. More ►

Dr. Kathryn Bennett's research calls for national youth suicide prevention plan, published in the June issue of the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. more ►

McMaster University says goodbye to Dr. David L. Sackett who passed away in May at age 80. more ►
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Peter Rosenbaum, has been awarded the inaugural Medal of Excellence in Childhood Disability from the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital more ►

Avram Denburg, received a prestigious doctoral scholarship from the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation for his work on improving drug policies more ►

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