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Dr. Holger Schünemann
Dr. Holger Schünemann,
Department Chair

From its founding in 1968 with David Sackett as its first Department Chair, CE&B has grown, diversified, and established an international reputation through the rigour and impact of its research and education programs. While famed for its roots in evidence-based medicine and clinical trials, the department’s strengths now add up to much more than the CE&B name suggests. Continued

CEB Headlines

Photo of Dr. John Lavis

John Lavis awarded a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Evidence-Informed Health Systems.

Dr. John Lavis' research program emphasizes "evidence-informed" health systems that will provide the best mix of cost-effective programs, services and drugs to those who need them. More ►

Photo of Dr. Sanjit Jolly

Dr. Sanjit Jolly's research makes international news

Dr. Sanjit Jolly leads the largest study ever of its kind, that has found that a routine strategy of blood clot removal during treatment for heart attacks was not beneficial and was associated with an increased risk of stroke. Story picked up by The Hamilton Spec and several international media outlets More ►

Photo of Dr. Parminder Raina

Parminder Raina and team research renewed: $41.6 million awarded

Investment in Canadian knowledge of aging renewed: great news for Dr. Parminder Raina and his team: $41.6 million awarded for next five years of CLSA. More ►

Michael Boyle speaks to The Spectator about the struggle in recruiting families to participate in the Ontario Child Health Study. more ► Jason Busse research finds one-third of chiropractors oppose vaccines. more ►
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Dr. Deborah Cook receives the 2015 Elizabeth J. Latimer Prize more ►

Thomas Agoritsas research holds promise to revolutionize shared decision-making in the doctor's office more ►

CEB Events

  • Conducts world-leading research into the nature, prevention and management of health care problems
  • Conceives, designs, organizes and implements ground-breaking clinical trials
  • Bridges the health and social sciences to better understand and apply health services management, health policy and health economics
  • Influences how health-care decisions are made through research and service in health informatics and knowledge transfer, and
  • Promotes the principles and practice of evidence-based medicine through knowledge-translation research and educational offerings.
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