Public Health & Preventive Medicine

The Training Path

Safe waterWe currently have a 12 month schedule for each of the five years residents are in the program. This path allows for self-directed learning.

The program takes an integrated approach to training. The Royal College requires five years of post-graduate training which must include at a minimum:

  • 1 year of clinical training
  • 1 year of academic work in public health
  • 1 year of public health field placements.

All residents must fulfill the requirement for 12 months of academic work. This is often done through the Masters program in Health Research Methodology (HRM), however there is flexibility to look at relevant programs at other universities or at non-degree options. Usually alternative options must be pursued within commuting distance of Hamilton so as to maintain participation in other resident activities. Occasionally, credit may be granted for prior study as well.

The HRM program offers both thesis and non-thesis streams; the non-thesis approach is recommended by the program in order to facilitate meeting core Royal College objectives, though the thesis stream can be accomodated as well. Courses are taken in biostatistics, research and epidemiologic methods, health policy, and economic evaluation, among others.

Program Curriculum According to Stream:

Residents who choose McMaster’s program have a choice of two streams. They are: