Public Health & Preventive Medicine

Public Health and Preventive Medicine Curriculum

Excludes Family Medicine,
and has an intensified public health focus


PGY 2 and 3
PGY 4 and 5
This year focuses on basic clinical rotations and is largely hospital-based. One month of the PGY 1 year is spent on an Introduction to Public Health rotation in order to orient residents to the available community medicine resources in Hamilton and begin preparations for their academic work. Residents begin the coursework required for the Masters in Health Research Methodology (or alternative), along with junior field placements in Public Health. These years are spent finishing required academic coursework and in the more senior rotations in Public Health, culminating in the Royal College exams at the end of year five. Those undertaking the non-thesis option for the Masters should have completed the required courses by year four, while those pursuing the thesis option will have time to work on their thesis during years four and five.

For those not doing Family Medicine training, approximately 12 months of extra elective time will be available This time can be spent doing additional field placements or academic work. McMaster University offers options for additional training in occupational medicine and other areas of expertise.


All residents are expected to gain a reasonable understanding of the principles of research, through both coursework and field placements. Residents who pursue the HRM program will be required to complete a Research Internship of 100 hours. Those who pursue the thesis option must fulfill the research requirements set out by the HRM program. Residents who wish to have more hands-on experience with research will find numerous opportunities throughout their training.

Academic Half-Days

Residents spend one half-day per week participating in the program's educational half-day back, which consists of seminars, journal club, field trips and resident work-in-progress sessions. Field trips include visits to facilities doing work in areas relevant to the public health and preventive medicine specialist. Also available to residents are a wealth of rounds and seminars in other departments within the Faculty of Health Sciences.