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Dr. Emilie Belley-Côté

Emilie Belley-Cote

Emilie completed her Internal Medicine and Cardiology training at Université de Sherbrooke (Québec). She is completing a Critical Care Fellowship at McMaster University and is enrolled in the Clinician Investigator Program completing a thesis based PhD in the Health Research Methodology Program.

Emilie's research interest is the epidemiology and treatment of critically ill patients with elevated tropinins. She is supervised by Dr. Richard Whitlock and Dr. Deborah Cook.

Dr. Ahmed Barefah

Ahmed Barefah

Ahmed is a Hematologist, currently obtaining further training in malignant hematological diseases. He obtained his MBBS from King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, KSA with first degree of honor. He then completed his Internal Medicine and Hematology residency at McMaste and holds the Canadian and the American boards of Internal Medicine and Hematology.

Ahmed is currently completing a 2 year clinical/research fellowship in malignant hematology at McMaster University under the supervision of Dr. Graeme Frsaer and Dr. Alan Neville and is enrolled in the Health Science Education Master Program at McMaster. Ahmed's main areas of research are the improvement of education in communications and difficult conversations in the field of hematology and development of innovative methods of teaching in hematology.

Dr. Anthony Bozzo

Anthony Bozzo

Anthony was born in Montreal and attended medical school at McGill University, where he also completed a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and a minor in Finance. Anthony is an Orthopedic resident at McMaster and his subspecialties of interest are Oncology and Joint Reconstruction.

His research interests center on using novel machine learning techniques such as deep neural networks to better address questions in the field of Orthopedic Oncology. He is enrolled in the Master's HRM Program at McMaster, under the supervision of Dr. Michelle Ghert.

Dr. David Collister

David Collister


David completed his MD at the University of Manitoba, Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Alberta and Nephrology fellowship at the University of Manitoba. He is enrolled in the MSc Program in Health Research Methodology at McMaster under the supervision of Dr. Michael Walsh.

David's research interest is symptom management in patients with kidney disease and in particular, randomized controlled trials of therapies to alleviate symptoms in the hemodialysis population.

Dr. Joanna Dionne

Joanna Dionne

Joanna is a Gastroenterologist, Methodologist and holds a MSc in Health Research Methodology (HRM) from McMaster. Joanna obtained her Bachelor of Nursing from the University of New Brunswick prior to pursuing graduate training in epidemiology at McMaster. Joanna’s graduate research sought to understand what aspects of ulcerative colitis maintenance therapy were important to patients, and to what degree by using a conjoint analysis methodology. Joanna completed her MD, Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology residency at McMaster and is pursuing a Critical Care Medicine/Clinician Investigator Program Fellowship at McMaster.

Joanna is pursuing a PhD in HRM and is the Principal Investigator (PI) of the international prospective cohort study “Diarrhea, Interventions, Consequences and Epidemiology in the Intensive Care Unit (DICE-ICU) Study”. Joanna was named a DeGroote Scholar during her graduate training and has received peer reviewed funding from Physicians’ Services Incorporated (PSI), the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG), and the Regional Medical Associates (RMA).

Joanna is currently a Methodologist for the Society for Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) for the Liver Management Guidelines and is a member of the GUIDE Group. Her research focus includes management of gastrointestinal and liver disease during critical illness.

Dr. Erick Duan

Erick Duan

Erick completed his Medical Degree, Internal Medicine residency and Critical Care Medicine fellowship at McMaster University. He is enrolled in the MSc Health Research Methodology Program at McMaster University under the mentorship of Dr. Deborah Cook.

His research interest is the epidemiology, outcomes and treatment of Clostridium difficile infection in the intensive care unit.

Dr. Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh obtained his Medical Degree from the University of Western Ontario in 2015 and is a third-year Cardiac Surgery resident at McMaster. He is enrolled in the MSc Health Research Methodology Program at McMaster.

Saurabh's research focus is on knowledge translation within cardiac surgery. Under Dr. Richard Whitlock’s supervision, he is working on projects involving peri-operative care of cardiac surgery patients; appropriate use of dual antiplatelet therapy and optimizing anticoagulation for patients with valvular heart disease.

Dr. Terence Ho

Terence Ho

Terence completed his Internal Medicine training at Queen’s University and Respirology fellowship at McMaster University.  He is enrolled in the MSc Program in Medical Sciences at McMaster under the supervision of Dr. Parameswaran Nair.

His research interests include the clinical application of cellular measurements of airway inflammation, predictors of acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the role of iron metabolism and chronic inflammation in airway disease, and novel mechanisms of infectious exacerbations of COPD.

Dr. Herman Johal

Herman Johal

Herman obtained both a Bachelor of Science (Life Sciences) and Medical Degree from Queen's University. He completed his Orthopaedic Surgery residency at the University of Calgary, where he also obtained a MSc in Public Health.

Herman is completing an Orthopaedic Trauma/Research fellowship at McMaster under the supervision of Drs. Bhandari, Petrisor and Williams. He is pursuing a PhD in Health Research Methodology and working his dissertation entitled "Value-based decision making in Orthopaedic Trauma".

Dr. Michelle Kameda-Smith

Michele Kameda-Smith

Michelle obtained her BSc in Kinesiology (Waterloo), MSc in Occupational Therapy (Western) and MBChB (University of Glasgow) where she continued her post-graduate medical education within Neurosurgery in the West of Scotland and subsequently Central Scotland Deanery. Identifying Pediatric Neurosurgery as the subspecialty most suited to her skillset and observing the rise in molecularly targeted therapy in Pediatric Neurooncology, she returned to Canada to continue her post-graduate Neurosurgical residency training at McMaster University where opportunities to formally train to become a Surgeon Scientist was well established.

As a 3rd year Neurosurgery resident Michelle entered the Surgeon Scientist Program under the supervision of Dr. Sheila Singh, the first Surgeon Scientist to identify a surface marker, CD133, in brain tumour stem cells. Michelle is currently completing the 3rd year of her PhD within the Department of Biochemistry, at the Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute (SCC-RI). Michelle's thesis mainly focuses on identifying the role of the RNA binding protein, Musashi, in pediatric medulloblastoma.

Dr. Nidhi Kumar TyagiNidhi Kumar Tyagi

Nidhi is a Medical Oncologist, currently obtaining further training in Breast and GI cancer. She completed her MChBCh BAO from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Nidhi then completed her Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology residency at McMaster University.

Nidhi is currently completing a 2-year clinical/research fellowship in Breast Cancer at McMaster University under the supervision of Dr. Sukhbinder Dhesy-Thind, Dr. Mark Levine and Dr. Darryl Leong. Nidhi’s fellowship is supported by Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation grant. Nidhi’s main areas of research are in the field of cardio-oncology, and the reduction of cardiac complication associated with oncology treatment, and health service research.  She is also pursuing a MSc in Health Research Methodology at McMaster University.

Dr. Justin Lee

Justin Lee

Justin initially trained as a Clinical Pharmacist completing his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BScPhm) at the University of Toronto and an accredited hospital pharmacy residency (ACPR) at the University Health Network in Toronto. He graduated from Medical School and completed specialty training in both Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine at McMaster University. Justin is currently enrolled in the Clinician Investigator Program and he is pursuing a Masters of Science in the McMaster Health Research Methodology Program under the mentorship and supervision of Dr. Anne Holbrook.

Justin has a special interest in rational drug use in patients with multiple co-morbidities, clinical pharmacology and interprofessional education. His current research focuses on the clinical epidemiology and management of senior high cost healthcare users (HCUs) as well as the prevention and treatment of delirium in medical and surgical patient populations.

Dr. Colm McCarthy

Colm McCarthy

Colm McCarthy completed his MDCM at McGill University and is currently an Orthopaedic Surgery Resident at McMaste. He is enrolled in the McMaster Health Science Education Program where he is completing his MSc degree.

Colm’s research interests are in competency based medical education and the integration of technology into learner feedback and assessment. He is also involved in resident advocacy and leadership, having won the Canadian Medical Associations Young Leader award for leadership in residency at the provincial and national level.

Dr. William McIntyre

William McIntyre

William is a Cardiologist and a native of Fredericton, Canada. He completed his MD and Internal Medicine Residency at Queen’s University, then completed Adult Cardiology Residency at the University of Manitoba.

William is enrolled in the Clinician Investigator Program at McMaster. He is pursing clinical training in arrhythmia and a graduate degree in Health Research Methodology. His training is supported by fellowship grants from the McMaster Cooper Foundation and the Canadian Stroke Prevention Intervention Network.

William has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles. He is currently the Section Editor for the Residents and Fellows Corner of the Journal of Electrocardiology and a member of the Editorial Board for the Canadian Journal of Cardiology. His current research program, supervised by Dr. Jeff Healey, is investigating recurrence rates of Atrial Fibrillation Occurring Transiently with Stress (AFOTS). This work is supported by peer-reviewed research grants from the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS)-Bayer Vascular Awards program and the CCS AF Awards program.

Dr. Siavash Piran

Siavash Piran

Siavash graduated from the University of Ottawa Medical School in 2011. He completed his residency training in Internal Medicine at the University of Ottawa and Hematology at McMaster University.

Siavash holds a MSc degree in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology from the University of Toronto and is currently completing a MSc degree in Health Research Methodology at McMaster University under the supervision of Dr. Sam Schulman. His training is supported by a CanVECTOR Thrombosis Fellowship. His research focuses on thromboprophylaxis in patients with acute spinal cord injury.

Dr. Katherine Prowse

Katherine Prowse

Kate completed her core Paediatric Residency training at Northeast Ohio Medical University/Akron Children's Hospital and Paediatric Gastroenterology fellowship at McMaser University.

She is conduting research on the influence of antidepressants in pregnancy on the microbiome of the offspring. Kate is also pursuing her Masters of Medical Science focusing on the mucosal immunology, microbiome and metabolimics exploring their involvement in intestinal inflammation under the supervision ofDr. Elyanne Ratcliffe.

Dr. Jennifer Rodrigues

Jennifer Rodrigues

Jennifer is a Nephrologist with an interest in vasculitis, glomerulonephritis, and clinical trials in Nephrology. She completed a Master’s in Cancer Immunology and medical school at the University of Calgary. She then completed Internal Medicine at McGill University where she was the Chief Resident and Nephrology fellowship at the University of Toronto.

Jennifer is pursuing a graduate degree in Health Research Methodology under the supervision of Dr. Michael Walsh and is a part of the Clinician Investigator Program. She is funded by the Vasculitis Clinical Research Consortium-Vasculitis Foundation.

Dr. Reema Shah

Reema Shah Reema completed her MD and Internal Medicine residency at the University of Toronto. She is currently completing endocrinology training at McMaster University and is also enrolled in the Clinician Investigator Program at McMaster while pursuing a Master of Public Health degree at Harvard University.

Reema is interested in clinical research in the area of diabetes and its complications. She is supervised by Dr. Hertzel Gerstein. 

Dr. Jessica Spence

Jessica SpenceJessica is a former Occupational Therapist who completed her MD at the University of Manitoba.

She is currently completing her residency in Anesthesiology at McMaster University and is enrolled in the Clinician Investigator Program completing a thesis-based MSc in the Health Research Methodology program.

Jessica's research interests include functional outcomes of cardiac and non-cardiac surgery and the impact of age on perioperative outcomes. She is supervised by Drs. PJ Devereaux and Yannick LeManach.

Dr. Jacqueline Wong

Jacqueline WongJacqueline obtained her BSc in Pharmacy and MD degrees at the University of Toronto, before moving to Vancouver to complete her Paediatric Residency training at BC Children’s Hospital.  She went on to pursue her Paediatric Infectious Diseases fellowship and advanced clinical fellowship in antimicrobial stewardship in Toronto at the Hospital for Sick Children, which she finished in June 2017. 

Currently, Jacqueline is completing a MSc Degree in Health Research Methodology at McMaster University, with a research interest in quality improvement and patient safety. Under the supervision of Dr. Dominik Mertz, she will be pursuing a thesis-based research in studying Clostridium difficile colonization in the pediatric oncology population.

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