Curriculum Map
Accademic Curricuum Overview
  Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 Block 5 Block 6 Block 7 Block 8 Block 9 Block 10 Block 11 Block 12 Block 13
Year 1 Resuscitation Block
Critical Care Day
Disaster & Environental Block
Mock Disaster Day
ID Block Psych Block Tox Block Resp Block GU Block HEENT Block
Year 2 Trauma Block MSK Block Abdo Pain Block OBGYN Block Heme Block Chest Pain Block Neuro Block
Longitudinal Intrinsic CanMEDS Roles Curriculum
Written Exams       Block Exam CITE   Block Exam   ABEM       Block Exam
Oral Exams (PGY 2-4)         Practice Oral Exams         Practice Oral Exams      
Journal Club   Evidence Update Critical Appraisal   Critical Appraisal Evidence Update
Other Welcome/Overview   Job Fair (q2yr) Mock Practice Orals   PGY4 Projects     Retreat        
PGY Specific Curriculum
  PGY1 Boot Camp - Transition To Residency

- Trauma
Research Boot Camp  
  Didactic & Sim Sessions - EBM 101    
PGY1 - ACLS - SOB - CP/Syncope - Critically Appraising RCTs, Observational Trials, Systematic Reviews  
  - Airway - Peds - Shock  
  - Trauma - MSK    
        - Research Methods  
  Communicator/Collaborator Boot Camp Transition to Critical Care Boot Camp
  - Charting Tips and Tricks   - Intubating the Critically Ill Pt.
  - Handover     - Ventilator Management
  - Breaking Bad News    - Intro to ICU  
  - Lifelong Learning & Deliberate Practice - Cardiac Catastrophes
PGY2       - Shock in the Critical Care Pt.
  Junior Simulation Curriculum
  CQI Curriculum
  EMS Curriculum
  Ultrasound Course (PGY 1 or 2)  + Scanning Block
  Transition to Critical Care Boot Camp  
  - Intubating the Critically Ill Pt.  
PGY3 - Ventilator Management Critical Care/ Electives + Selectives
   - Intro to ICU    
  - Cardiac Catastrophes  
  - Shock in the Critical Care Pt.    
  PGY4 Bootcamp - Transition To Sr. Resident
  - Reviewing and Clinical Teaching    
  - Teaching in a Group    
  - Teaching in Simulation    
PGY4 - Telephone Consulations    
  - Flow Management      
  - Breaking Bad News    
  - Handover 101      
  Senior Simulation Curriculum
  Admin Curriculum
  PGY5 Bootcamp - Transition To Practice
  - Billing    
  - Finance    
PGY5 - Academic Promotion  
  - Admistrative Aspects of Practice  
  Practice Oral Exams (Montly)
  Exam Review Sessions