Division of Emergency Medicine

Jim Ducharme


Clinical Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine, Department of Medicine





Education and Professional Standing

  • Emergency Physician, Humber River Hospital
  • Editor in Chief, Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine
  • President Elect, International Federation for Emergency Medicine

Dr. Ducharme entered medical school at McGill University in 1973, directly from CEGEP. He took a year’s leave of absence to participate in the Montreal Olympics in 1976. Dr. Ducharme graduated in 1978, interned at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal and trained in Emergency Medicine at the University of Southern California through the Los Angeles County Hospital. He was the Chief Resident of the residency during his final year.

Dr. Ducharme was an assistant professor at Université de Laval and then at McGill University. He was the Residency Program Director for the McGill Royal College Program as well as the director of the ED at the Royal Victoria Hospital.

In 1995, he moved to Saint John, where by 2000 Dr. Ducharme was a full Professor in Emergency Medicine. He also was the original program director for the Royal College Program in Emergency Medicine at Dalhousie University. Dr. Ducharme moved to the GTA in 2006 and became a Clinical Professor at McMaster in early 2007.


Research Interests

  • Acute pain
  • International emergency medicine
  • Change management

Dr. Ducharme's major research interest has been acute pain, and that has been his focus for 20 years. He initiated the 1st Symposium in acute pain research in Emergency Medicine in 1995. He has authored or co-authored 3 pain-related guidelines for CAEP related to pain. He has co-edited a book on pain and procedural sedation in Emergency Medicine, first published in 2005. Dr. Ducharme has worked with the American Society of Law Medicine and Ethics to better define pain management in emergency medicine in the USA.

His clinical interest includes integration of alternate care providers into Emergency Departments as well as human health resource issues and ED administration. He truly enjoys all aspects of patient care in emergency medicine, and is also becoming involved in patient care related to chronic pain.


Selected Publications

Dr. Ducharme is currently the Editor in Chief of the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine. He established the ED Primer for Family Physicians, a 2 day CME course about clinical emergency medicine, and collaborate with the OCFP and the MOHLOTC to produce that course.

Dr. Ducharme is the primary physician involved in the PA Demonstration Project currently underway across Ontario, a project studying the integration of PAs into multiple services within hospitals. He has set up a 12 month CCFP-EM exam prep course. He is also currently involved in 4 research projects related to pain and PA integration. Dr. Ducharme is an External Examiner in Emergency Medicine for the University of the West Indies, and haslectured for Emergency Medical Abstracts since 1989.

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