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A message from the current MacEM Residents:

Welcome All!

Hopefully this website has answered some of your "nuts-and-bolts" questions about our program and given you a general flavour of life as a MacEM Resident. In the end, choosing a residency program is a complex decision, with many moving parts. Attached below is a survey of the 2012/13 cohorts that may help to give a more personal flavour to the program. We also wanted to make a point of passing along a few key things ...

- We feel that our training is superb
- We are a happy bunch who enjoy where we live and work.
- We are a diverse group that enjoys each others company.
- We are well supported, and feel valued as strong members of the medical community both on- and off-service.

Good luck, and hope to meet you soon.

The MacEM Residents


Some background...



About Us

From? Currently live?  Want to move to?

  • Brantford
  • From Toronto, currently living in Hamilton. No idea where I want to go.
  • From Barrie, live in Hamilton.
  • Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Living in Ancaster
  • From Toronto. Live in Waterdown. Want to stay here.
  • From Calgary. Currently live in Burlington
  • From Calgary. Live in Hamilton. Future: ???
  • Gdansk, Poland. Hamilton, Canada ?
  • From Dundas, currently live in Dundas, like to live in Ontario somewhere
  • From Mississauga, live in Hamilton now, would love to end up in Barrie/Orillia.
  • From Barriere, B.C. Currently live in Hamilton, ON. Want to move to ......
  • From Milton, Ontario. Currently residing in Hamilton. Want to travel the world
  • Toronto, ON > Hamilton, ON > unsure - Northern Ontario? Somewhere on a lake...
  • Toronto/Hamilton/Toronto
  • Quebec. Burlington. No
  • From London. Currently live in Hamilton. Want to move to: Vancouver, Australia, Burlington, who knows?
  • Mississauga/GTA
  • Ancaster
  • Hamilton
  • Richmond Hill, same.
  • Currently live in Ancaster. Want to move to - ???
  • Victoria. Hamilton. ??
  • Ancaster
  • From Mississauga, currently live in Hamilton, very flexible about where I live in the future in terms of city size but definitely staying in Canada. Likely Ontario.
  • From Winnipeg. Currently live in Burlington. Want to stay here (Hamilton/Burlington)
  • Niagara. Ancaster. Stay locally.

Med school? Previous degree/training/career other than medicine?

  • Toronto
  • Med school at UWO. No previous career
  • McMaster. Bachelor of science
  • King Saud University MBBS
  • Med School- McMaster. Undergrad- McGill for Anatomy and Cell Biology
  • University of Toronto medicine BSc from University of Calgary
  • Med School: UBC. Previous Training: Ph.D. Psychology (McGill). Other odd jobs: Research assistant, Exploration geology assistant, Bike Courier
  • University of Duisburg-Essen. Various medical rotations at UCLA, NYC, Michigan, Montreal etc.
  • McMaster med school, previous degree in chemical biology
  • Western for Med School, Undergrad at U of T.
  • Med School: Ross University School of Medicine Honours BSc. (Bio/Kine/Psych)
  • Home grown from McMaster. Undergrad in Bachelor of Health Science, and Michael G DeGroote School of Medicine.
  • Bachelor Physical and Health Education, Bachelor of Sciences Med School - Brisbane, Australia
  • McMaster
  • McGill/ BSc, MSc/ scientist
  • Med school at Mac. Undergrad at Mac. Worked in construction after undergrad
  • Undergrad Med Sci at Western. Med school at Western
  • Med school. Degree in bioethics and sciences.
  • McMaster Medicine + PhD in Airway Physiology.
  • Queens med. Guelph BSc - incomplete
  • McMaster Med School. Prev degree - BSc, BPhe, MScPT
  • Brown.
  • King Saud University- Saudi Arabia no previous degree before the MD
  • Ottawa
  • Mac, business prior
  • Medical school at McMaster, before that a BScH in Life Sciences at Queen's
  • Med school: University of Manitoba. Previous degree BSc Also University of Manitoba. No prior life.
  • McMaster Physiotherapy

I like Mac EM because …

  • Easy to live and work here.
  • I love the people, such a supportive group
  • Great teachers. Amazing group of residents and opportunity for new friendships. Diverse patient population and opportunities for learning.
  • Great staff, great residents, flexibility and support for diverse interests
  • It provides me with the education and skills that I want and that I need to be a versatile and self-sufficient Emerg Doc with a wide scope of opportunities in and out of the ER.
  • Awesome people!
  • The people in the program (staff and residents) are awesome, the clinical experiences are second to none, and despite rumors to the contrary, Hamilton is actually an awesome place to live.
  • of the wonderful people that make up the program.
  • Great learning environment with supportive staff, diverse patient population, and amazing colleagues.
  • Diverse patient population with great support within the EM program.
  • Awesome residents
  • Program director truly cares about the residents. Flexible curriculum, can tailor it to your academic interest.
  • Strong supportive group of fellow residents and faculty
  • Great residents, high quality teaching and clinical experience
  • we receive feedback
  • Opens many doors to future career options.
  • couldn't ask for a better group of fellow residents/colleagues.
  • The Residents!!!
  • superb training. amazing people. all the city I need.
  • It gave me the opportunity to learn more by giving me a lot of responsibilities and trust in the clinical duties early on in my residency.
  • Good preceptors.
  • Amazing people, flexible to your needs, extremely supportive staff and admin, motivating environment, and so many other things.
  • Friendly staff. Tight-knit community. Great resident group. Rigorous program.
  • Multiple hospital types in a medium sized city; gives a diverse population to see and learn from.

What else would you like applicants to know?

  • Better than advertised
  • Hamilton is cheap to live in and full of hidden gems.
  • Give Hamilton a chance and be pleasantly surprised
  • Find the programs and environment that works for YOU.
  • As nerve-racking as you may think CaRMS is going to be, it's actually a ton of fun. The ER tour is an amazing experience, and hopefully we get to see you come interview time!
  • The McMaster EM program provides residents with the opportunity to explore their interests through rotations in a diverse group of hospitals.
  • We have the best Administration Staff and Program Directors in the country for SURE.
  • Hamilton is not as bad as some people may think. Interesting population, high volume. Rotation through Brampton makes you stronger. Close to Toronto, Burlington, Niagara Falls and Buffalo
  • Mac has many opportunities for its residents to pursue many fields within EM.
  • Very supportive staff.
  • Staff with a different niche of interests. ...easy to align with someone who shares your interests. I like living in the Hammer
  • well balanced program. strong hospital network. normal residents.
  • Hamilton is awesome. The city is super diverse and gives you a variety of experience with different types of patients depending what hospital you are at.
  • Until you've done an elective in Hamilton, you don't see how awesome it is. Give us a chance...we're not just a smelly steel city. We're kind of a bit of everything all in one.
  • Very approachable and friendly staff mentors.