Division of Emergency Medicine

Continuing Professional Development

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Office seeks to promote the ongoing academic development of faculty members in three key areas.

1. Continuing Medical Education

  • The 10-Minute Emergency Medicine Conference is a highly successful regional conference that occurs each fall. This intra-professional conference links physicians, nurses and paramedics together in addressing cutting edge evidence as it relates to emergency medicine.
  • Clinical Epidemiology is a core topic for the Royal College examinations in every specialty. The Clinical Epidemiology Review is an event targeted at final year residents who would like to review these concepts quickly and efficiently.

2. Faculty Development

Supplementing the Program for Faculty Development Office, the CPD Office provides regular faculty development workshops tailored to the unique educational requirements of academic emergency physicians. Based on formal needs assessments, these workshops facilitate excellence in education, research and scholarship.

3. Knowledge Translation

The CPD Office is actively involved in a collaborative research agenda that seeks to address the gap in translating clinical research into clinical practice.