Division of Emergency Medicine

Undergraduate Electives

Our McMaster University Emergency Medicine program is pleased to offer electives for medical students interested in Emergency Medicine.

Elective students are scheduled clinical shifts at one/two of our three major teaching hospitals here in Hamilton:

  • HHS - Hamilton General Hospital and Juravinski Hospital
  • St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton

    Block Electives

    McMaster Medical Students – Students in their clerkship year are welcome to apply year-round for an elective of 2-weeks duration. The student must apply online through MedSIS and confirm the elective if accepted. Elective availability is limited during core rotations (Click here to view our upcoming core rotation dates). Pre-clerks are limited to electives in the summer months (see Post-MF4 Electives Lottery).

    Visiting Students (non-McMaster medical students) - For information on how to apply for a block elective in Emergency Medicine, please visit the MD Program website: goo.gl/w9vIXg.
    If accepted, you must submit your CV and Objectives to ugemerg@mcmaster.ca at least 3 weeks before your start date.

    Post-MF4 Electives Lottery (Pre-clerks) – Due to the high volume of requests for Emergency Medicine block electives, we reserve six (2-week long) elective spots during July and August for the Post-MF4 pre-clerks. We will run a lottery draw for the available spots after the window for applications has closed. Only McMaster students in their pre-clerkship year are eligible. Click here to find out how to apply!


    Block Elective Expectations:

    Students must arrive prepared with scrubs and ID badge – McMaster students should already be setup with Scrubex/security access. Student should arrive oon time and request their preceptor to It is expected the student will complete at least 4-5 shifts per week, including weekends and some nights. Students are responsible for having daily student and faculty evaluations completed online through Medportal (there is a “daily evaluation” link on our EM Clerkship page: http://www.medportal.ca/ug/clerkship/emergency-medicine/daily-eval).

    Elective Summary Evaluation - Students should ask one of their main preceptors to complete their final evaluation on MedSIS. Otherwise, our Undergraduate Electives Coordinator will complete the final summary using your daily evaluations.



    Horizontal Electives

    Pre-clerks interested in experiencing EM may contact our Education Program Associate, ugemerg@mcmaster.ca, to request to be notified when there are availabilities for horizontal electives in Emergency Medicine. You will be asked to add your name to our Horizontals Waitlist, which can be accessed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/


    We will be scheduling horizontal shifts during our core teaching week dates only (these dates are listed in the waitlist). Anyone who is on the waitlist will be contacted to signup for shifts at our HHS locations (Hamilton General Hospital and the Juravinski Hospital). Students may choose 1 - 3 shifts once the signup is sent out. These shifts must be accounted for with a Summary of Student Performance form, which the student must submit to the Undergrad Office after the elective shift is completed.

    The student must also self-register their confirmed horizontal shifts on MedSIS before participating in any clinical shift(s). Further information can be found here: http://www.medportal.ca/ug/electives/horizontal-electives

    Click here for the Summary of Student Performance form



    Education Associate
    E-mail: ugemerg@mcmaster.ca

    Serena Sennik, MD, FRCPC
    Undergraduate Electives Coordinator
    E-mail: serena.sennik@medportal.ca

    Massoud Jalayer, MD, FRCPC
    Undergraduate Clerkship Director
    E-mail: massoud.jalayer@medportal.ca