Billing Procedures (Effective April 1, 2008)

Billing for FACScanto/LSRII Training (same for all laboratories)
    • Trainees with no previous experience must be trained by the Facility Operator at $50. per hour (usually 6-8 hrs)max. of 8 hrs
    • Trainees with some previous FACScanto experience or who have received training from other users that have substantial FACScanto experience at the McMaster facility, will be observed by Operator on 2 occasions: $50 per hour (usually 3-4 hrs.)
    • The prior experience and performance of the Trainee will be assessed by the Facility Operator who will determine how much additional training is necessary.

Billing for FACScanto/LSRII User Laboratories (those that expect at least 60 hr use per year)

    • FACScan Users may pay either the Yearly Fee or the Hourly Billing Fee.
      NOTE: Access and billing is on a per laboratory basis. Thus, each laboratory represents one principle investigator. Two laboratories may not use a single access fee as users. All users have full access to the facility and it's resources.
    • There is a limit of 10 hours per week total time during the daytime schedule for each user from a given lab. For each lab, there's a limit of 6 hrs. during the daytime schedule, with two or more users from one research lab.
    • Repeated failure to show up on booked time, or to notify that you have cancelled an experiment 24 hrs. prior to the time you booked, may result in loss of privilege's to the Facility.

    • Hourly Billing Fee for Research Users:.
      • $70 per hr. if operator is requested to run samples or does analysis
Billing for Clinical Trial Samples: (considered research project)
    • These samples must be run by the Facility Operator(s). The work must be prearranged with the Facility Director and Operator -
    • $80 per hour fee that MUST be charged to a research account

Billing for Industrial or Other Outside User

    • $100 per hr.

FACS VantageSE Billing

    • The FACS VantageSE instrument is only operated by the Facility Operator. All billing is for hours of service, and includes machine set up time, running of control stained samples and setting of sorting gates, sorting or running of samples and reporting of experimental results as necessary.
    • All User Laboratories:
         $80 per hr.
    • Clinical Trials
         $90 per hr
    • Industrial or Outside Users
         $100 per hr

Setup of Protocols, Software Instructions, and Consultation Fee's:

    • Both the Facility Operator and Director can be contacted for quick advice in regard to experiments problems or setup of protocols. However, if you need extensive advice on reagent use or purchase, experimental design, set up and running of pilot experiments, or analysis of data, those consultations may be billed
      • Operator setup and preliminary runs for protocol development, with consultation, software instruction, etc.
           $70 per hour (usually 5-6 hours with two pilot experiments)
      • Consultation with Facility Director (billing at Directors discretion)
           $100 per hour

Billing Procedure:

    • Laboratories using per hour rates will be billed bimonthly, by journal entry debit of their research accounts
    • All laboratory principle investigators must provide research account number(s) for this purpose.
       Canto/LSRII First 100hrs. $60.00/hour  
        Second 100hrs $30.00/hour  
        Third 100hrs $15.00/hour  
        +300 $5.00/hour no annual cap
       Vantage Sorter:      
        All usage $80.00/hour no annual cap
       Training for Canto/LSRII    
       (max 8 hours billed, per trainee) $50.00/hour  

New users or changes to account information: Please print out this form:
User Information Form


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