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       Here is a list of some frequently asked questions. If your question doesn't appear here, please contact us at macminimed@yahoo.com, or speak to us at the next session.

     Table of Contents:

  1. What is McMaster Mini-Med School?
  2. Who is it run by?
  3. When do classes begin?
  4. How can I register for the McMaster Mini-Med School?
  5. Where does the money received for the McMaster Mini-Med School go to?
  6. Can I get my money back if I can't attend one/all session(s)?




1. Q: What is McMaster Mini-Med School?

    A: McMaster Mini-Med School is a forum for community education that hopes to provide insight into the world of Medicine. This concept was developed in the spirit of forging stronger bonds between the medical school and the community. Members from the community have the opportunity to register for the seven week term. A faculty member from the school of Medicine will give a public seminar similar to those given to the medical students, using the world-renowned McMaster approach of problem-based learning. Each evening will have two separate sessions on a common theme. The seminars will explore the scientific basis of topical medical issues followed by a question and answer session. The topics will include heart and lung disease, infectious diseases, aging and arthritis, genetics, cancer, depression, Canadian health care, and international health.


2. Q: Who is it run by?

    A: The McMaster Mini-Med School was started by the McMaster medical students as a form of community service. They began with the idea that by making medical knowledge and ideas more accessible to the community, everyone will benefit. The Mini-Med School is organized and run by a core group of medical students with the help of various physicians, speakers, and administrative personnel.


3. Q: When do classes begin?

    A: For this McMaster Mini-Med School term, classes begin Wednesday March 2, 2005. Sign-in for the first session will begin at 6:15pm. The seminar will begin at 7:00pm.

        Classes will be held every Wednesday evening for the seven weeks from 7:00pm till 9:10pm. Classes will consist of 2 seminars per evening with ample time allotted for questions and answers for each seminar. In between the two classes, students will have the opportunity for a coffee break as well as time to visit booths from various community agencies/groups that will be on display.


4. Q: How can I register for the McMaster Mini-Med School?

    A: For information on how to register for the new term or general registration information please click on the Registration link for all the contact info.


5. Q: Where does the money received for the McMaster Mini-Med School go to?

    A: The McMaster Mini-Med School is run as not-for-profit. The registration money that is collected from each Mini-Med Student goes towards the costs of the handouts/materials, facilities, speakers, and food. Also new this year we will be making donations on behalf of the McMaster Mini-Med School Class to a charitable organization after each session that will coincide with the topic given.      


6. Q: Can I get my money back if I can't attend one/all session(s)?

    A: As per the refund policy in the Registration section, money cannot be refunded for classes that are missed. For any classes that are cancelled, Wednesday April 20, 2005, will be the reschedule day for the cancelled classes. Please refer to the Registration section for more information







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