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Dr. Ayeni and Dr. Ghert secure CIHR funding

Published: July 7, 2014

MacOrtho would like to extend our congratulations to Dr. Olufemi Ayeni and Dr. Michelle Ghert who have secured funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) for the FIRST and PARITY trials.




Prophylactic Antibiotic Regimens in Tumor Surgery (PARITY): A Multi-Center Randomized Controlled Trial
CIHR Operating Grant - $913,568 over 5 years

Primary Investigators: Michelle Ghert and Mohit Bhandari
Collaborators: Megan Anderson; Tessa Balach; Andre Baptista; Tom Beckingsale; Emily Carmody; Paul Clarkson; Mark Clayer; Judd Cummings; Ben Deheshi; Yee-Cheen Doung; Peter Ferguson; Marcos Galli Serra; Mark Gebhardt; David Geller; Mark Goodman; Yair Gortzak; Robert Grimer; Gord Guyatt; John Healy; Werner Hettwer; Ginger Holt;Marc Isler; Minna Laitinen; Ben Miller; Sophie Mottard; Lukas Nystrom; Ajay Puri; Lor Randall; Nickolas Reimer; Joseph Schwab; Lehana Thabane; Robert Turcotte; Kurt Weiss; Joel Werier; Jay Wunder
Bone cancer in the leg is most commonly treated with extensive reconstructive operations with the goal of saving the leg and avoiding amputation. These complex operations are associated with a high risk of infection after surgery. Surgeons from 41 hospitals across 11 countries and 5 continents will randomize patients to receive either short- or long-duration antibiotic regimens after surgery with the goal of identifying the best regimen to reduce infections. PARITY is the first ever multi-center randomized controlled trial in bone cancer surgery and its recent initiation is a ground breaking advancement towards evidence-based practice in that field. The success of the PARITY pilot has demonstrated that these types of studies are indeed possible.



Femoroacetabular Impingement Randomised Controlled Trial (FIRST)
CIHR Operating Grant - $345,314 over 3 years

Primary Investigators: Olufemi Ayeni and Mohit Bhandari
Collaborators: Asheesh Bedi; Volker Mushal; Gerard Slobogean; Ivan Wong; Rajiv Gandhi; Doug Naudie; Lehana Thabane; Uffe Jorgensen; Matti Seppanen; Daniel Whelan; Antti Joukainen; Raine Sihvonen; Dale Williams
Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is a common cause of hip pain in the young adult. It occurs as a result of a size and shape mismatch between the femoral head and the acetabulum. As the condition progresses, the resulting hip damage may lead to osteoarthritis of the hip. FIRST is a randomized controlled trial investigating whether surgical correction of the impingement, arthroscopic osteochondroplasty, provides improved clinical results at 12 months compared to arthroscopic lavage of the hip joint. Results from this trial will be used to optimize the treatment of FAI which has enormous potential to prevent chronic pain and loss of function caused by hip osteoarthritis. 50 patients were enrolled in the highly successful pilot phase of the FIRST trial and this grant will help support the definitive phase of the trial of 220 total patients.



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