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MacOrtho Congratulates Dr. Evaniew and Dr. Ghert

Published: May 1st, 2014


MacOrtho would like to congratulate Dr. Nathan Evaniew and Dr. Michelle Ghert for their success with three recent applications to support Dr. Evaniew's second year of research in the McMaster Surgeon Scientist, Clinical Investigator, and Health Research Methodology programs.

Michael G. DeGroote Fellowship Award in Clinical Research - $40,000
The prestigious Michael G. DeGroote Fellowship Awards provide postdoctoral candidates in the Faculty of Health Sciences the opportunity to pursue leading-edge health sciences research. Funded through the generosity of Michael G. DeGroote, these awards are designed for candidates who have an exemplary academic record and provide an opportunity to work with Health Sciences faculty who are conducting innovative research and are considered among the best in their fields.

Ontario Graduate Scholarships Master’s Award - $15,000.
The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program encourages excellence in graduate studies at the master’s and doctoral levels. It is a merit-based scholarship, and awards are available to students in all disciplines of academic study. The OGS program is jointly funded by the Province of Ontario and the postsecondary institution. Each year, the Province of Ontario will provide about $30 million towards these scholarships and eligible institutions provide about $15 million.

Physicians’ Services Incorporated Resident Research Grant - $20,000
Central adjudication of deep post-operative infection following limb-salvage surgery
This grant will help investigate the ability of surgeons and infectious disease specialists to agree on the diagnosis of deep post-operative infections. The validation of the process for diagnosing deep postoperative infections in lower extremity bone tumor surgery will enhance the quality of future research and inform the design and conduct of future prospective randomized trials.

Principal Investigators: Nathan Evaniew MD
Co-Investigators: Michelle Ghert MD FRCSC; Mohit Bhandari MD PhD FRCSC; Lehana Thabane PhD
Collaborators: Jay Wunder MD Msc FRCSC; Peter Ferguson MD Msc FRCSC; Anthony Griffin MSc; Benjamin Deheshi MD MSc FRCSC; Tim O’Shea MD MPH FRCPC; Robert Turcotte MD FRCSC; Lor Randall MD

Dr. Evaniew entered the McMaster Surgeon Scientist, Clinician-Investigator, and Health Research Methodology (HRM) programs under the supervision of Dr. Michelle Ghert in July of 2013. Since then, he has completed two semesters of HRM course work and an HRM research internship, authored or co-authored 15 new manuscripts, written or assisted with the writing of nine grant applications, and presented from the podium at 3 international conferences. His specific research goals are two-fold:

First, he is the Scientific Officer for the Prophylactic Anitbiotics in Tumor Surgery (PARITY) trial. PARITY is the first ever multi-centre randomized trial in the field of orthopaedic oncology, and its recent initiation is a ground breaking advancement towards evidence-based practice in that field. In addition to his study of central adjudication of deep post-operative infections Dr. Evaniew developed and gained funding under the supervision of Dr. Gordon Guyatt for a PARITY sub-study that will investigate the Minimal Important Differences (MIDs) of commonly used functional outcome instruments.

Second, he is pursuing a career in academic spine surgery and is actively building a portfolio of spine-related research. Dr. Evaniew recently published a manuscript on the management of odontoid fractures in The Spine Journal, published a critical appraisal of cervical disc replacement in CORR, and has submitted two meta-analyses about intrawound vancomycin and minimally invasive discectomies. He is also leading a scoping review on the surgical management of scoliosis and is working to clarify why similar meta-analsyses in spine surgery frequently lead to discordant findings.

Earlier this week, Dr. Evaniew commented that:
"These awards truly reflect a team effort and exemplify the commitments that the Department of Surgery, Division of Orthopaedics, Surgeon Scientist Program, and Clinical Investigator program are making to support the SSP/CIP trainees. The knowledge, skills, and experiences that we are gaining are unparalleled, and I am personally enjoying a sense of purpose, motivation, and commitment unlike any I have ever experienced. We really cannot emphasize enough how much these awards reflect visionary leadership, collaborative effort, and a supportive team."


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