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MacOrtho's "EDUCATE" Study is Making Media Waves

Published: April 8, 2017


The EDUCATE study, led by Drs. Sheila Sprague and Mohit Bhandari was recently featured on the front page of the Montreal Gazette. For the full article click here


The study has been picked up in the media through numerous news articles and radio interviews (see list below). In this media coverage, Drs. Sheila Sprague, Mohit Bhandari, Andrew Furey, and Prism Shcneider, speak about the importance of educating orthopaedic surgeons and other allied health care professionals who see patients in fracture clinics on how to identify intimate partner violence (IPV) and initiate interventions within their practice as well as how the EDUCATE study is helping to achieve this.

The EDUCATE study is a prospective mixed-methods study that evaluates the implementation and impact of an IPV educational program for orthopaedic surgeons, surgical trainees, and allied health care professionals who treat patients in fracture clinics. The program is designed to empower health care professionals to identify and assist women experiencing IPV within the fracture clinic setting. The program is delivered by local IPV “champions” (i.e. individuals who have received training in order to become experts on IPV and the training program) through videos, interactive online modules, and in-person lectures and discussions. Specifically, the study uses both quantitative and qualitative research methodology to assess: (1) Champions’ (i.e. local trainers’) experiences with implementing the IPV educational program; (2) Trainees level of comfort and knowledge about IPV; (3) Trainees’ level of readiness to assist IPV victims; and (4) Trainees’ knowledge utilization.

The EDUCATE training program has currently been implemented at four fracture clinics in Canada and 1 in the United States and provided training to 107 health care professionals.

Funding Received: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR); Hamilton Academic Health Sciences Organization (HAHSO)

Radio Interviews (13-Apr-2017):
• Gander - Central Morning (Host: Leigh Anne Power)
• Goose Bay (Labrador) - Labrador Morning (Hosts: Matt McCann & Bailey White)
• Kelowna - Daybreak South (Host: Chris Walker)
• Kitchener-Waterloo (Host: Craig Norris)
• Ontario AM (Host: Wei Chen)
• Quebec City - Quebec AM (Host: Susan Campbell)
• Regina - The Morning Edition (Host: Sheila Cole)
• Saskatoon -- Saskatoon Morning (Host: Leisha Grebinski)
• Sudbury - Morning North (Host: Markus Schwabe)
• Thunder Bay - Superior Morning (Host: Lisa Laco)
• Toronto--Metro Morning (Host: Matt Galloway
• Vancouver - The Early Edition (Host: Rick Cluff)
• Victoria - On The Island (Host: Gregor Craigie)
• Windsor - Windsor Morning (Host: Tony Doucette)
• Whitehorse - A New Day (Host: Sandi Coleman)
• Winnipeg - Information Radio (Host: Marcy Markusa)
• Yellowknife - The Trailbreaker (Host: Loren McGinnis)

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