Adult Gastroenterology Training Program


Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons: Goals & Objectives for Training


As Collaborators, Gastroenterologists effectively work within a health care team to achieve optimal patient care.

Key and Enabling Competencies: Gastroenterologists are able to…

1. Participate effectively and appropriately in an interprofessional health care team
1.1. Describe the Gastroenterologist’s roles and responsibilities to other professionals
1.2. Describe the roles and responsibilities of other professionals within the health care team, especially general surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, nurse practitioners, dieticians, social workers and speech language pathologists
1.3. Recognize and respect the diversity of roles, responsibilities and competences of other professionals in relation to their own
1.4. Work with others to assess, plan, provide and integrate care for individual patients (or groups of patients)
1.5. Work with others to assess, plan, provide and review other tasks, such as research problems, educational work, program review or administrative responsibilities
1.6. Participate effectively in interprofessional team meetings
1.7. Enter into interdependent relationships with other professions for the provision of quality care
1.8. Describe the principles of team dynamics
1.9. Respect team ethics, including confidentiality, resource allocation and professionalism
1.10. Demonstrate leadership in a health care team, as appropriate

2. Work with other health professionals effectively to prevent, negotiate, and resolve interprofessional conflict
2.1. Demonstrate a respectful attitude towards other colleagues and members of an interprofessional team
2.2. Work with other professionals to prevent conflicts
2.3. Employ collaborative negotiation to resolve conflicts
2.4. Respect differences and address misunderstandings and limitations in other professionals
2.5. Recognize one’s own differences, misunderstanding and limitations that may contribute to interprofessional tension
2.6. Reflect on interprofessional team function