Adult Gastroenterology Training Program


Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons: Goals & Objectives for Training


As Professionals, Gastroenterologists are committed to the health and well-being of individuals and society through ethical practice, profession-led regulation, and high personal standards of behaviour.

Key and Enabling Competencies: Gastroenterologists are able to…

1. Demonstrate a commitment to their patients, profession, and society through ethical practice
1.1. Exhibit appropriate professional behaviors in practice, including honesty, integrity, disclosure, commitment, compassion, respect and altruism
1.2. Demonstrate a commitment to delivering the highest quality care and maintenance of competence
1.3. Recognize and appropriately respond to ethical issues encountered in practice
1.4. Manage conflicts of interest
1.5. Recognize the principles and limits of patient confidentiality as defined by professional practice standards and the law
1.6. Maintain appropriate relations with patients

2. Demonstrate a commitment to their patients, profession and society through participation in profession-led regulation
2.1. Demonstrate knowledge and an understanding of the professional, legal and ethical codes of practice, including physician-industry interaction
2.2. Fulfill the regulatory and legal obligations required of current practice
2.3. Demonstrate accountability to professional regulatory bodies
2.4. Recognize and respond to others’ unprofessional behaviours in practice
2.5. Participate in peer review

3. Demonstrate a commitment to physician health and sustainable practice
3.1. Balance personal and professional priorities to ensure personal health and a sustainable practice
3.2. Strive to heighten personal and professional awareness and insight
3.3. Recognize other professionals in need and respond appropriately