Adult Gastroenterology Training Program

Rotation-Specific Objectives

These objectives are met under the direct supervision of consulting gastroenterologists at each training location. These locations differ in the emphasis of their clinical services and supporting resources.

For example, the McMaster Site offers extensive outpatient services focused on inflammatory bowel disease, functional bowel disease, acid-peptic disease and liver disease, with on-site exposure to pediatrics and obstetrics/gynecology.

The Juravinski Site offers a busy inpatient service, with complex cases focused on inflammatory bowel diseases, motility disorders, liver diseases, and acid-peptic diseases. The Juravinski Site also houses the Cancer Centre, and offers exposure to gastrointestinal complications of malignancy. It receives inpatient gastroenterology admissions from the Hamilton General Hospital.

The Hamilton General Site offers a busy consultation service with on-site exposure to interventional cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, burns, trauma and neurosurgery.

The St. Joseph´s Site offers outpatient and inpatient general gastroenterology services with on-site exposure to hepatobiliary endoscopy/surgery, rheumatology, respirology, nephrology and psychiatry.

All locations (except the McMaster Site) offer active emergency rooms and busy general medical and surgical wards. All sites have full spectrums of endoscopy facilities.

Thus, the rotation-specific objectives serve to identify the particular opportunities afforded by each institution and should be read in conjunction with the General Objectives of a given year.