Adult Gastroenterology Training Program

Role of Motility Curriculum Coordinator

Motility Curriculum Coordinator is primarily responsible for coordinating the Motility rotation during the Second Year and Motility elective during the Second Year, and ensuring the educational value of the rotation / elective.

At the beginning of each Motility rotation / elective, the residents are expected to meet with the Motility Curriculum Coordinator for orientation to review both the clinical setting, and objectives and expectations specific to the rotation.

Specific issues relating to scheduling clinics, endoscopy lists, motility and pH-metry sessions (observation and interpretation of test results), and teaching sessions will be reviewed. Over the course of the rotation / elective, the Motility Curriculum Coordinator is available as a resource for conflicts that arise and for help in coordinating the evaluation process. Motility Curriculum Coordinator distributes and collates resident evaluations for the Motility rotation / elective and reviews those evaluations with residents.

In addition, the Motility Curriculum Coordinator is responsible for organizing Academic Half-Day sessions on Motility topics.