Adult Gastroenterology Training Program

Role of Chief Resident

The Chief Gastroenterology Resident is selected from the second year gastroenterology residents by a faculty vote. The position provides an opportunity for the resident to be involved with the administrative organisation and day-to-day running of the training program. The Chief Resident attends meetings of regional gastroenterologists and provides residency input. He/she is a member of the interview committee to admit candidates into the Training Program. Additional responsibilities of the Chief Resident include:

  1. Participating in the GI Training Program Education Committee.
  2. Allocating GI residents and rotating core medical and/or surgical residents to rotations and outpatient clinics in consultation with the Site Coordinators and the Program Director.
  3. Organizing schedules for resident participation in outpatient clinics and endoscopy clinics, including participation by residents not on active clinical service (e.g. research or elective).
  4. Scheduling call rota for GI and rotating residents (including revision of rota in the event of sickness or vacation/professional leave) in keeping with current PAIRO collective agreements.
  5. Contributing to the organization of the Academic Half-Day in consultation with the Program Director.

The Chief Resident receives a small stipend for these duties. In some years, the position is shared by two residents (each serves a 6-month term).  On an ad hoc basis, the Chief Resident may delegate specific responsibilities to other residents. A second Resident Representative to the Gastroenterology Training Program Education Committee is elected following a ballot of all residents.