Division of Geriatric Medicine

Research Endeavours: The Team for Individualizing Pharmacotherapy in Primary Care for Seniors

The Purpose of TIPPS and the TIPPS Network

The appropriate use of medication is both an important preventive and curative strategy in healthy aging. However, the risks associated with inappropriate medication use in the elderly are especially high and many are not receiving maximal benefit from the use of drug therapy.

TIPPS, a 5-year research program funded by the CIHR’s Institute of Aging, was formed by a group of like-minded researchers who recognized the need to improve medication use by seniors in primary care. TIPPS is committed to finding medication solutions that meet each patient’s individual needs, while taking into account the experience of the health care system in general. The multi-disciplinary nature of our research team allows us to view the relevant issues from many angles, which will result in more complete solutions to medication problems.