Division of Geriatric Medicine

Academic Curriculum

There is a weekly academic half-day attended by Geriatric Medicine residents and fellows, and also residents from the Family Medicine Enhanced Skills Care of the Elderly program. The academic curriculum consists of these components:

  1. AHD Seminar Series: These educational sessions, delivered by faculty constitute most of the academic curriculum. Expert speakers who provide teaching on key geriatrics topics are scheduled by the residency program.
  2. AHD Resident Session: These small group learning, resident-driven sessions are designed to augment and complement the core AHD seminar series. Educational structure and content is organized by the chief residents and the faculty AHD coordinator, based on an online curriculum of learning questions and repository of key references. The curriculum is deliberately structured to focus learning efforts on Royal College objectives of training and landmark articles of relevance to geriatric medicine trainees.  
  3. Journal Club: Each resident will get several opportunities to select, critically appraise and present articles of interest. A faculty facilitator is always present to stimulate discussion, clarify concepts and provide feedback. 
  4. Geriatric Medicine Grand Rounds: These are organized by the division of geriatrics, attended by faculty, interdisciplinary staff, residents and students.
  5. Subspecialty Medicine Combined Rounds: These special events are organized and supported collaboratively by the subspecialty programs, to cover topics of common interest (e.g. administration, finance, communication skills). Resident representatives from all programs work together to select content that is relevant to all, and make it fun. 
  6. Multidisciplinary Academic Days: These large biannual events, organized through the PGME office, are attended by all McMaster residents.
McMaster Saudi Social Club Graduation Day
McMaster Saudi Social Club Graduation Day, May 2012