Key Contacts

Program Director

Dr. Tricia Woo

Meggan Armstrong
Program Coordinator
905.777.3837 X77714


Division of Geriatric Medicine

How to Apply

Geriatric Medicine Residency Program

PGY3 residents enrolled in a Canadian or U.S. Internal Medicine program may apply via the Medicine Subspecialty CARMs Match. Instructions, eligibility criteria and timelines for application are indicated on the CARMs website.

PGY4 residents who have completed core Internal Medicine training and 1 year of Geriatric Medicine in the U.S. are also eligible for entry into our program by the repatriation program. Residents applying for a repatriation position can apply any time, but are encouraged to do so by autumn of the PGY4 year.

Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Program

Foreign-sponsored Applicants

The training program usually starts on July 1, and the deadline for receipt of applications is Sept 1 of the year prior to the proposed start date. Foreign-sponsored applicants should initiate the application through their sponsorship bureau. Applications will then be processed through the McMaster postgraduate office and finally forwarded to our program after Sept 1. After this date we will review your application and notify you regarding interview offers by the end of September. You are welcome to contact us directly and forward your CV earlier in the year, but the application must go through the sponsorship bureau and McMaster postgrad to be eligible for consideration.

International Outreach Program

Applicants eligible for sponsorship through the St. Joseph's International Outreach Program are encouraged to contact the program directly. In some years, there will be an opportunity for internal medicine graduates to complete a 6 month fellowship in geriatric medicine. 


We currently do not offer unfunded or self-funded fellowships.

Postgraduate Electives

How to arrange:

If you are a resident training in a Canadian or U.S. residency program, and are interested in completing an elective with us, please contact the residency program administrator Meggan Armstrong for available options. Specify the date of the elective you wish to undertake, your home school and program, PGY level, and learning objectives. 

Please read the electives section on the postgraduate medicine website for other important details. 

Note: There is extensive paperwork and a large academic fee required for international electives (other than U.S.).