Division of Hematology & Thromboembolism

Susan Whittaker


Assistant Professor (PT) , Hematology and Thromboembolism

Epidemiologist, McMaster Transfusion Research Program MTRP)



Education and Professional Standing

MSc, Medical Sciences (Health Research Methodology), McMaster, 1997
B.A., Gerontology, McMaster, 1993
B.Sc., Biology, University of Western Ontario, 1977

Research Interests

Susan is involved in studies related to transfusion research, Development of a Bleeding Severity Measurement Scale, and Diagnostic Tools for Bleeding Disorders. She is also a member of the Provincial Blood Tracking System Working Group (PBTSWG) of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, a Member and Canadian Representative of the Blood Supply Management Working Party, International Society of Blood Transfusion, and a Member of Collaborations for Health – Knowledge Translation Working Group, McMaster.

Selected Publications

  1. Heddle NM, Liu Y, Barty R, Webert K, Whittaker S, Gagliardi KF, Lauzon D, and Owens W. Factors affecting the frequency of red cell outdates: an approach to establish benchmarking targets. Submitted to Transfusion; July 11, 2008.
  2. Whittaker S, Gafni A, Abelson J, and Heddle NM. Blood - the challenges of determining how efficiently we utilize this scarce resource. (In preparation – PhD Thesis).
  3. Whittaker S, Abelson J, Gafni A, and Heddle NM. Hospital blood utilization management policies: understanding the impact of the Krever Inquiry. (In preparation – PhD Thesis).
  4. Whittaker S, Heddle NM, Abelson J, and Gafni A. Using a pilot study in a large scale hospital-based qualitative study - methodological considerations. (In preparation – PhD Thesis).
  5. Whittaker S, Carter N, Arnold E, Shehata N, Webert K, DiStefano L, and Heddle NM. Understanding the meaning of permanent deferral for blood donors. Transfusion 2008; 48:64-72.
  6. Whittaker S. Qualitative Research: Closing the Gap. ISBT Science Series 2006; 1:133-139.
  7. McKay H, Derome F, Haq HA, Whittaker S, Arnold E, Adam F, Heddle N, Rivard G, and Hayward C. Bleeding risks associated with inheritance of the Quebec Platelet Disorder. Blood 2004; 104(1):159-165.
  8. Bell B, Chalklin L, Mills M, Browne G, Steiner M, Roberts J, Gafni A, Byrne C, Wallik D, Kraemer J, Webb M, Jamieson E, Whittaker S, Dunn E. Burden of dysthymia and comorbid illness in adults in a Canadian primary care setting: high rates of psychiatric illness in the offspring. J Affect Disord 2004; 78(1):73-80.