Division of Neurology

Michelle J. Shapiro


Associate Professor, Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine


Education and Professional Standing

Dr. Shapiro received an Honours B.A. in Psychology from McGill University. She received her M.D. degree from the University of Calgary, and completed her neurology residency training at the University of Saskatchewan. She did a two year fellowship in Epilepsy and Neurophysiology (EEG) at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University.

Research Interests

Dr. Shapiro’s  primary research interests are in epilepsy and electroencephalography. She also has an interest in neurology education.

Selected Publications

  1. Shapiro MJ and Cole AJ. Chapter 92 Alcohol and toxin induced seizures in The Causes of Epilepsy. Shorvon S, Guerrini R, and Andermann F eds. In press.
  2. Shapiro MJ and Chiappa KH. Correlation of somatosensory evoked potentials and electroencephalographic results in patients with anoxic brain injury. Abstract in Epilepsia 49(Suppl. 7): 2008.
  3. Michaelides C, Thibert RL, Shapiro MJ, Kinirons P, John T, Manchharam D, and Thiele EA. Tolerability and dosing experience of intravenous levetiracetam in children and infants. Epilepsy Research 81(2-3): 143-7, 2008.
  4. Wiebe S, Tellez-Zenteno JF, and Shapiro M. An evidence-based approach to the first seizure. Epilepsia 49(Suppl. 1): 50-57, 2008.
  5. Shapiro M and Lowry N. Prevalence of the photoparoxysmal response in pediatric electroencephalographs in Saskatoon. Abstract in The Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 33(Suppl. 1): S44, 2006.