Internal Medicine Residency

PARO Residency Program Excellence Award

The PARO Residency Program Excellence Award was created in order to recognize those programs that consistently provide an exceptionally positive and rewarding experience to their residents, while producing physicians who are expertly trained to deal with the challenges in their upcoming careers.

The recipient of the 2010 Program Excellence Award is the Internal Medicine Department at McMaster University.

Photo of Administrative Office:  Program Assistants Judith McArthur-Dawson and Mary-beth Ribble; Program Administrator, Gail Trevisani

Dr. Parveen Wasi, Program Director and Ms. Gail Trevisani, Program Administrator, 2010

“The program places a strong emphasis on rich educational experiences and intertwines teaching through every facet of the curriculum. Innovative retreats on CanMED roles, “How to be an SMR”, “Evidence Based Medicine”, and “End of Life Care” complements a well designed academic half-day curriculum. Importantly, informal quality day-to-day teaching runs through the veins of the program with everything from informal Royal College scenarios to exploration of landmark literature and quite frankly everything between.”

The McMaster Internal Medicine program has been nominated for the PAIRO/PARO Residency Program Excellence Award each year since 2006.

Dr. Parveen Wasi and Ms. Gail Trevisani attended the Awards Dinner May 14, 2010 and accepted the award on behalf of the Program.