Internal Medicine Residency

Managerial Curriculum

The CanMEDS role of Manager is viewed as an important and often under addressed competency during residency training. Physicians are expected to be medical experts, but also leaders in their hospitals and communities. As our patient population grows, and time is at a premium, there is a heightened challenge of efficiently managing a medical practice. Several residency training programs have begun to recognize these demands on their graduates, and have implemented an educational agenda. However, very few have established a formalized practice management curriculum that has the scale and scope to meet the needs of their trainees.

To bridge this gap in knowledge, the Canadian Medical Association provides its members with a wealth of online and text resources, along with the availability of live seminars covering pertinent management topics. The goal of the McMaster University managerial curriculum is to equip Internal Medicine residents with the tools to be effective managers and leaders. The curriculum has been created to address each key element outlined in the CanMEDS competency framework for the Manager role. The curriculum is separated into three modules. Each successive module has been designed to build on the teachings of the previous module, and to systematically transition from basic concepts to more advanced principles. First year residents will be formally introduced to the inner-workings of the Canadian health care system, as well as a basic business skills workshop. The second year curriculum will focus on the areas of personal and professional financial planning. The third and fourth year residents will be educated on practical practice management skills, to prepare them for their new career. In addition, there will be several seminars which will be presented to all three years, concurrently.