Internal Medicine Residency

Dr. Alexandra Papaioannou

Dr. Alexandra Papaioannou, MD, FRCP(C) is a Professor of Geriatric
Medicine in McMaster University's Department of Medicine.


The role of the Ombudsperson is to offer confidential, informal, and independent information and advice; as well as, provide intervention and referrals. The Ombudsperson acts as an advocate for Internal Medicine residents on equity and fairness. All matters dealt with are held in strictest confidence.

  1. The Ombudsperson is a member of the Department of Medicine who does not have an administrative role in the Residency Program. Dr. Joye St. Onge, Associate Professor of Medicine, is the Ombudsperson for the Department of Medicine Residency Training Program. Dr. St. Onge is an Internist and a subspecialist in Geriatric Medicine who has had much experience in working with undergraduate and postgraduate learners.  Previous positions of educational leadership include her former roles as Clerkship Coordinator and Program Director for Geriatric Medicine.  Her email contact is:
  2. The function of the Ombudsperson is to be available to the residents to discuss any problems either personal or professional that the resident may have. The Ombudsperson can offer advice and assistance, and if appropriate and with the resident's permission, act on the resident's behalf in the resolution of those problems.