Internal Medicine Residency

Photo of the PGY-1 Retreat in 2009

PGY-1 Residents on a retreat in 2009.

Welcome from the Residents

On behalf of the trainees of McMaster Internal Medicine, we would like to thank you for your interest in our program. If you have decided to apply to McMaster, we feel that you have indeed made a wise choice. The McMaster training program has many strengths, several of which are listed later in this message. From a medical resident's perspective, the following are a few examples of what separates McMaster from the many other University programs and deserves special mention:

Resident-Centred Program

We have a strong voice in decisions made about the program and all levels of residents are encouraged to be involved with academic committees. From academic half-day planning to monthly journal clubs to resident-as-teacher programs to interprofessional simulation, there is no lack of opportunity to participate and take an active role in shaping your educational experience. In recognition of the program's ongoing commitment to resident well-being, innovation and educational excellence, we received the 2010 PAIRO Residency Program Excellence Award!

Resident Friendly

We are actively involved in scheduling our own clinical rotations and have the opportunity to consider personal commitments when call schedules are arranged. Furthermore, there is a collegial atmosphere that exists amongst all levels of residents and includes staff members. It is a truly inclusive environment that will make the transition relatively easy.

Academic Powerhouse

As an academic medical centre, McMaster is unparalleled. Through four hospitals and a prominent cancer centre, there is an abundant amount of opportunity to be exposed to all subspecialties in internal medicine. We are able to gain clinical and research experience with some of the most respected clinicians and scientists in their respective fields. They are enthusiastic about teaching and consistently advancing our education. Additionally, McMaster is a world leader and the birthplace of evidence based medicine (EBM). Here, you will learn to fully understand, appreciate and apply evidence to your own daily practice. Resident research day is also very well supported and an excellent opportunity for work to be recognized.

Hamilton as a City

With the Niagara Escarpment running through the city, Lake Ontario at your door step and surrounded by Canada's best wine region, there is no lack of outdoor and recreational activities. If you must go, we are conveniently 45 minutes from Toronto, Niagara Falls and the U.S. border. Since the PGA and World Cycling Championship decided on this city to host their world class events, the question is... why do your residency elsewhere?