Internal Medicine Residency

Education Committee

The Education Committee of the Department of Medicine Internal Medicine Residency Training Program assists in the planning, organization and supervision of the Program.

The Committee ensures that the development and operation of the program meet the Royal College General Standards of Accreditation;

  • maintenance of an appeal mechanism;
  • counseling for residents with stress-related problems;
  • ongoing reviews of the program to assess the quality of the educational experience and
  • to review the resources and teaching in the program.

This Committee meets monthly. This includes video conferencing with the Waterloo Regional Program. Membership consists of:

  • Program Director
  • Deputy Program Directors
  • Program Administrator
  • Clinical Teaching Unit (CTU) Directors  
  • Two or three Elected Resident Representatives from each level of the three years of core training
  • PGY-4/5 Confidential Resident Advisor
  • Regional Education Lead, Waterloo Regional Campus
  • Research Director - ad hoc
  • Co-Chair, Academic Half Day Co-Chair - ad hoc
  • Director of Simulations - ad hoc
  • Director of Clerkship - ad hoc
  • Chair of Subspecialty Program Director Committee - ad hoc
  • Chair of Assessment - ad hoc