Internal Medicine Residency

Residents' Research Day 2012

Resident research was highlighted and celebrated at the Internal Medicine Research Day on May 16, 2012.  This annual event allows residents, both core and subspecialty, to showcase their research and be recognized for excellence in clinical and scientific projects.

Eighty-two abstracts were submitted, and under the review of Dr. Donald M. Arnold, research director, and Drs.  Ally Prebtani, Ted Xenodemetropoulos and John You, 24 projects were selected for clinical poster presentations, 19 for scientific poster presentations and nine projects were selected for oral presentation.  Judging was conducted by Drs. Meera Luthra, Jill Rudkowski and Hermenio Lima (Clinical) and Drs. Catherine Clase, PJ Devereaux and Wendy Lim (Scientific).


Internal Medicine Resident Research Grant:  Dr. Nauzer Forbes, PGY2 Medicine  $5000
Colonoscopy Preparation Optimization for Inpatients (COIN) Study
Supervisors:  Drs. Khurram Khan and Ted Xenodemetropoulos
Parveen Wasi Resident Research Grant in Medical Education:  Drs. Lacey Pitre, PGY2; Lindsay Melvin, PGY1 and Katherine Connolly, PGY2    $3570
Improving Resident Feedback Skills and Medicine Clerk Communication (IMPRESS-ME) – a Prospective Educational Cohort Trial
Supervisor:  Dr. Parveen Wasi
Hamilton Health Sciences Resident Research Grant in Quality and Patient Safety:  Dr. Erick Duan, PGY2  $5000
ICU Daily Goals Checklist:  A Mixed Methods Analysis of Effects on Communication and Patient Care
Supervisor:  Dr. Deborah Cook

Gold Medal:  Jeremy Paikin, PGY5 Cardiology, Michelle Haroun, PGY3 Medicine
Optimal Duration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Post Drug Eluting Stent:  A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Supervisor:  Dr. Mark Crowther

Silver Medal:  Thanu Nadarajah, PGY3 Medicine,  Bahareh Ghadaki, PGY2 Medicine
A Prospective Quality Assurance Study of Proper Utilization of Metered-Dose Inhalers in the Medical Inpatient Population
Supervisor:  Dr. Jill Rudkowski

Bronze Medal:  Katherine Connolly, PGY1 Medicine
Barriers to EMS Utilization in STEMI
Supervisors:  Drs. Jon-David Schwalm and Madhu Natarajan

First Prize:  Aiman Alak, Natasha Aleksova, PGY1 Medicine
A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials of Conventional Stenting versus Direct Stenting in Patients with an Acute Myocardial Infarction
Supervisor:  Dr. Sanjit Jolly

Second Prize:  Alexandra Inman, PGY2 Medicine; Jackie Ostro, PGY3 Medicine
Utility of the Burch and Wartofsky Scoring System for Diagnosing Thyroid Storm and Predicting Adverse Outcomes in a Contemporary Cohort of Patients with Thyrotoxicosis
Supervisor:  Drs. William Harper

First Prize:  Serena Gundy, PGY1 Medicine; Erick Duan, PGY2 Medicine
One Chilly Lady – A Drug Interaction between Topiramate and Valproic Acid Causing Recurrent Hypothermia
Supervisor:  Dr. Zahira Khalid

Second Prize:  Matthew Miller, PGY4 Nephrology; Mohan Cooray, PGY2 Medicine
Mitochondrial Disease and Renal Transplant
Supervisor: Dr. Azim Gangji