Internal Medicine Residency

Residents' Research Day 2013

24th Annual Resident Research Day in Medicine

Resident research was highlighted and celebrated at the Internal Medicine Research Day on May 22, 2013.  This annual event allows residents, both core and subspecialty, to showcase their research and be recognized for excellence in clinical and scientific projects.

Sixty-eight abstracts were submitted, and under the review of Dr. Donald M. Arnold, research director, and Drs.  Anne Holbrook, Kim Legault and John You, 23 projects were selected for clinical poster presentations, 18 for scientific poster presentations and eight projects were selected for oral presentation.  Judging was conducted by Drs. Hermenio Lima, John Neary and Susan Waserman (Clinical) and Drs. Gerry Cox, Wendy Lim and Maureen Meade (Scientific).

Internal Medicine Resident Research Grant:  Dr. Matthew Lanktree, PGY1   $5000
Identifying Genetic Determinants of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia
Supervisors:  Drs. Guillaume Pare, Dr. Jeff Healey

Parveen Wasi Resident Research Grant in Medical Education:  Dr. Faizan Amin, PGY3   $5000
A Concurrent Convergent Mixed-Methods Randomized Controlled Trial to Test the Effectiveness of the “Virtual Patient Experience for Residents” (ViPER©): An Online Interactive Communication Skills Development Tool to Assist Residents Fill the CanMEDS Communicator Role
Supervisor:  Dr. Mark Matsos

Gold Medal:  Jeremy Paikin, PGY5 Cardiology
Randomized Trial to Examine the Effect of ASA Dose or ASA Dosing Frequency on ASA Resistance after Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery
Supervisor:  Drs. John Eikelboom, Jack Hirsch, Richard Whitlock

Silver Medal:  Joshua Manolakos PGY3, Lindsay Melvin, PGY2
Effect of Distributed and Mixed Practice on Acquisition of ECG Interpretation Skills
Supervisor:  Drs. Ameen Patel, Geoff Norman

Bronze Medal:  Katherine Connolly PGY2, Lindsay Melvin PGY2
Development and Validation of a Novel Tool to Quantitatively Assess Consultation Notes from the Improving Resident Feedback Skills and Medicine Clerk Communication (IMPRESS-ME) Prospective Educational Cohort Trial
Supervisors:  Dr. Parveen Wasi

First Prize:  Jennifer Goy PGY3, Rohin Malhotra PGY3
Non Invasive Measurements of Hemoglobin in Critically Ill Patients with Anemia
Supervisor:  Dr. Mark Crowther

Second Prize:  Sophie Corriveau PGY2, Amanda Gardhouse PGY3, Nidhi Kumar Tyagi PGY2
Reasons and Outcomes for Long Term Care Transfers to Hospital: A Retrospective Chart Review Supervisor:  Drs. Daniel Brandt-Vegas, Tim O’Shea

First Prize:  Rebecca Mathew PGY1, Lindsay Melvin PGY2, Aiman Alak PGY2
Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome with Spinal Cord Infarction: A Series of Unfortunate Events Supervisor:  Dr. Madeleine Verhovsek

Second Prize:  Sophie Corriveau PGY2, Mohan Cooray PGY3
To Thin or Not to Thin? A Case of Peripartum Cardiomyopathy
Supervisor:  Dr. James Douketis

Jeff Ginsberg Subspecialty Resident Award, demonstrating excellence in professionalism, leadership and education.  This award has been made possible by a donation from a patient of Dr. Jeff Ginsberg.  Candidates are recognized for consistently displaying outstanding performance in clinical rotations, excellence in teaching, research and professionalism and commitment to academic achievement.
Recipient:  Dr. Arthur Lau

CMR Award for Excellence in Clinical Competence and Teaching.  Nominees display a strong presence on the CTU and demonstrate excellence in education, administration and professional responsibility, serving as a role model for junior trainees.
Recipients:  Jason Cheung, Andrew Gibson

Dr. Hui Lee Award for Excellence in Clinical Care and Teaching (PGY2).  Nominees consistently exhibit excellence in clinical performance, strong education involvement with the undergraduate program and exemplary professionalism.
Recipients:  Sophie Corriveau, Joshua Wald

William Walsh Award presented to a Senior Internal Medicine Resident demonstrating excellence in Clinical Care and Teaching
Recipient:  Dr. Ian Mazzetti

Program Spirit Award:  Lindsay Melvin

External Recognition Awards:
Hamilton Academy of Medicine Resident Award:  Jason Cheung
David Feldman Internal Medicine Award:  Nauzer Forbes

Resident Awards to Faculty
Faculty Internist and Faculty Subspecialty Award for excellence in clinical teaching, selected by residents.
General Internal Medicine recipient:  Christian Kraeker
Subspecialty recipient:  Azim Gangji
Community Preceptor recipient:  Rebecca Jesso

Subspecialty Rotation Award presented annually to the rotation that consistently delivers exemplary educational experience to the residents. 
Recipient:  ICU Hamilton General Hospital

Resident Program Contribution
Education Committee:   Lacey Pitre, Josh Manolakos, Chris Sheasgreen, Josh Wald, Diana Ulic, Hassan Mir
Academic Half Day committee co-chairs:  Sophie Corriveau, Serena Gundy
Journal Club:  Saeed Darvish-Kazem, Nisha Fernandes
Simulations Leadership:   Andrew Gibson
Social Committee Leadership:  Lacey Pitre, Lindsay Melvin
Winter Gala Co-Chairs  - Jennifer Goy, Katarzyna Jerzak, Oren Levine
Survival Guide Update – Jason Cheung
EBM Committee:  Christina Katsios, Katarzyna Jerzak
Night Float Committee:  Lacey Pitre, Lindsay Melvin, Josh Manolakos, Mohan Cooray, Diana Ulic, Hafsah Al-Azem

The McMaster Internal Medicine program continues to benefit and grow through the contributions of resident leadership and innovation.

Jan Taylor
Internal Medicine Residency Program