Internal Medicine Residency

Residents' Research Day 2014

25th Annual Resident Research Day in Medicine

The Department of Medicine celebrated the 25th Annual Resident Research Day on May 21, 2014.  The first Research Day consisted of 8 oral presenters, including Roman Jaeschke, David Russell, Deborah Cook and Gerry Cox.  Twenty-five years later, Research Day included 21 clinical posters, 14 scientific posters and nine orals.

Seventy-two abstracts were submitted  and reviewed by Dr. Donald M. Arnold, research director, and Drs.  Anne Holbrook, Menaka Pai and John You.  Judging was conducted by Drs. Rick Adachi, John Neary and Mark Crowther (Scientific) and Drs. Michael Cyr, Kylie Lepic and Mark Matsos (Clinical), assisted by Drs. Juan Guzman and Mohamed Panju, timekeepers.

Internal Medicine Resident Research Grant:  Dr. Matthew Lanktree, PGY2   $5000
 Generation and evaluation of a genetic risk score to predict progression of kidney disease in early diabetic patients
Supervisor:  Dr. Guillaume Pare

Parveen Wasi Resident Research Grant in Medical Education:  Drs. Nicole Sitzer PGY2, Shannon Riley PGY1,  Sophie Corriveau PGY3   $3500
Teaching residents how to effectively prescribe nicotine replacement therapy on the
Clinical Teaching Unit
Supervisor:  Dr. Jill Rudkowski

Hamilton Health Sciences Resident Research Grant in Quality and Patient Safety:  Drs. Benjamin Tam PGY2,  Eric Wong PGY1  $5000
Impact of in-hospital emergency warning systems on code blue rates and mortality
Supervisor:  Dr. Alison Fox-Robichaud

Gold Medal:  Nisha Fernandes PGY3, Shuoyan Ning PGY3, Winnie Chan PGY2
Informed Discharge: An Assessment of Patient Knowledge and Perspectives
Supervisor:  Drs. Christian Kraeker, Ameen Patel, Anne Holbrook

Silver Medal:  Oren Steen, PGY5
Correlation Between Ionized, Unadjusted Total, and Albumin-Adjusted Calcium in the Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program: Is it Time to Abandon the Traditional Corrected Calcium Formula?
Supervisor:  Drs. Andrew Don-Wauchope, Catherine Clase

Bronze Medal:  Rebecca Mathew, PGY2
Management of Patients with Pacemakers and Defibrillators Undergoing Radiation TherapySupervisors:  Dr. Jeff Healey

First Prize:  Andrew Shih PGY5, Shuoyan Ning PGY3
Evaluation of the Appropriateness of Frozen Plasma Usage After Introduction of Prothrombin Complex Concentrates: A Retrospective Study
Supervisor:  Dr. Mark Crowther

Second Prize:  Sankalp Bhavsar PGY5
Venous Thromboembolism in Large Vessel Vasculitis
Supervisor:  Dr. Nader Khalidi

Honourable Mention:  Gillian Mazzetti,  Prescription Patterns for Vitamin D in Elderly Patients Admitted Under a General Internal Medicine Service.  Supervisor:  Dr. Alexandra Papaioannou

First Prize:  Ali Iqbal PGY2, Mohammed Tawhari PGY3
Autoimmune Autonomic Ganglionopathy: a Rare Cause of Pandysautonomia
Supervisor:  Dr. Steven Baker

Second Prize:  Winnie Chan PGY2, Karan Bami, MD program, Oren Steen PGY5
Ectopic ACTH syndrome (EAS) – An Unusual Suspect for Profound Immunosuppression
Supervisor:  Dr. Ally Prebtani

Honourable Mention:  Siraj Mithoowani, Lindsay Melvin, The Blue Man: A Case of Methemoglobinemia Secondary to Chronic Dapsone TherapySupervisor: Dr. Tim Karachi

Jeff Ginsberg Subspecialty Resident Award, demonstrating excellence in professionalism, leadership and education.  This award has been made possible by a donation from a patient of Dr. Jeff Ginsberg.  Candidates are recognized for consistently displaying outstanding performance in clinical rotations, excellence in teaching, research and professionalism and commitment to academic achievement.
Nominees:  Oren Steen, Mohan Cooray, Sankalp Bhavsar
Recipients:  Deborah Siegal, Douglas Wright

CMR Award for Excellence in Clinical Competence and Teaching.  Nominees display a strong presence on the CTU and demonstrate excellence in education, administration and professional responsibility, serving as a role model for junior trainees.
Nominees:  Mohammed Tawhari, Gillian Mazzetti, Michael Wang, Christopher Sheasgreen
Recipients:  Lindsay Melvin, Joshua Wald

Dr. Hui Lee Award for Excellence in Clinical Care and Teaching (PGY2).  Nominees consistently exhibit excellence in clinical performance, strong education involvement with the undergraduate program and exemplary professionalism.
Nominees:  Rebecca Mathew, Nicole Sitzer, Kathleen Quinn, James Murdoch
Recipients:  Leslie Martin, Hassan Mir

William Walsh Award presented to a Senior Internal Medicine Resident demonstrating excellence in clinical care and teaching
Recipient:  Jason Cheung

Resident Awards to Faculty
Faculty Internist and Faculty Subspecialty Award for excellence in clinical teaching, selected by residents.
General Internal Medicine:  Joseph McMullin, Mohamed Panju, Ameen Patel
Subspecialty:  Craig Ainsworth
Community Preceptor:  Thomas Haffner

Subspecialty Rotation Award presented annually to the rotation that consistently delivers exemplary educational experience to the residents. 
Recipient:  Nephrology; Gastroenterology Juravinski

Resident Program Contribution
Education Committee:   Chris Sheasgreen, Josh Wald, Diana Ulic, Hassan Mir, Andrew Mulloy, Siraj Mithoowani
Academic Half Day committee co-chairs:  Leslie Martin, Kathleen Quinn
Journal Club:  Nisha Fernandes
Simulations Leadership:   Joshua Wald
Social Committee Leadership:  Lindsay Melvin, Rebecca Mathew
Winter Gala Co-Chairs  - David Harris, Sheila Klassen, Nadine Kronfli
Night Float Committee:  Lindsay Melvin, Hafsah Al-Azem

The McMaster Internal Medicine program continues to benefit and grow through the contributions of resident leadership and innovation.

Jan Taylor
Internal Medicine Residency Program