Internal Medicine Residency


The Program organizes Resident Retreats that have expanded from one day to week-long events specific to each level of training as well as all-Program retreats.

The introduction of a PGY-1 CanMEDs retreat in 2005 has grown to a full week where PGY1s are released from their clinical rotations and on call duties and introduced to the concepts of the CanMEDS roles within Internal Medicine residency education. The week also provides an opportunity for our medical residents in their first year to interact early with each other and build morale. The retreat has been very well received by both trainee and faculty and is definitely a strength of the Program.

We highlight a two-day retreat for senior medical residents being exposed to areas such as conflict management, time management, role playing in giving direct observation and feedback; along with small break out groups with topics on problem learner, time efficient teaching strategies, creating an inclusive environment to name a few.

The Chief Medical Resident Day encompasses a morning of reviewing the CMR responsibilities and the afternoon is arranged for a Mini CEX.

The two annual all-level program retreats are in the autumn and spring. The autumn EBM Retreat continues to be an excellent educational event for all our residents. The spring retreat is usually in an area of professionalism such as medical bioethics, end-of-life care, patient safety and follow a three year curriculum.

The above education education and the addition of several social retreats throughout the year provides for morale building and a sense of ownership to the Program.