Dr. Param Nair

Division of Respirology

Parameswaran Nair


Frederick E. Hargreave Teva Innovation Chair in Airway Diseases

Professor of Medicine, Division of Respirology

Adjunct Professor of Medicine, McGill University

Staff Respirologist, Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health



Educational and Professional Standing

After obtaining his medical degree (MBBS) from the University of Kerala in India in 1988, Dr Nair trained in general and respiratory medicine at the University of Kerala Medical College Hospital in Trivandrum (with an MD for thesis on exercise-induced bronchoconstriction, Diploma in Tuberculosis, and National Board Certification in Respiratory Medicine (DNB), and Royal Sunderland and Royal Sussex County Hospitals in England (MRCP in General Medicine, 1996). He joined the faculty of Health Sciences of McMaster University in 2004 after training in Health Research Methodology, a clinical research fellowship and a PhD under the supervision of Professors Frederick Hargreave and Paul O’Byrne. He was elected a Member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of India in 1993, Fellow of the College of Chest Physicians in 1999, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London in 2003 and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada in 2009 with certification in Internal Medicine and Respirology. He was awarded the Ann Woolcock Prize in 2005 by the American Thoracic Society and the Bastable-Potts Prize in 2016 by the Asthma Society of Canada for excellence in asthma research.

Research Interests

Dr. Nair's research focuses on developing and applying non-invasive measurements of airway inflammation in the treatment of severe asthma and COPD. His laboratory characterizes the types of bronchitis in airway diseases using measurements in sputum, develops novel biomarkers in sputum, identifies mechanisms of bronchitis and explores novel targeted therapies of bronchitis. He directs the AllerGen National Centre of Excellence Clinical Investigators Consortium for Severe Asthma and is a co-investigator of the Canadian Respiratory Research Network. He was supported by the Canada Research Chair program from 2005-2015.

Clinical Interests

At the Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, he looks after patients with complex obstructive airway diseases, severe asthma, recurrent bronchitis, and eosinophilic lung disorders.  These unique multi-disciplinary clinics, in collaboration with Dr Mike Trus, Dr Nader Khalidi, and Dr Gerry Cox, provide these patients access to biologics, molecular microbiology and bronchial thermoplasty and opportunities to participate in research programs.

Selected Publications

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Publications cited as Parameswaran K and Nair P

Team Members


  • Post-doctorate Fellows: Manali Mukherjee, Sarah Svenningsen, Terence Ho
  • Undergraduate: Mark Sorin, Nahid Rezaee, Margaret Kehinde
  • Technologists: Katherine Radford, Melanie Kjarsgaard, Nicola LaVigne, Chynna Huang, Jan Halbecki
  • Administrative Assistants: Lindsey Dyment

Previous Trainees

  • Post-doctoral Fellows: Liesel D'silva (India), John Brannan (Australia), Wendy Wong (Canada), Ahmad Alkhabaz (Kuwait), Marcos Ribeiro (Brazil), Angira Dasgupta (India), Adam Collison (Australia), Svetlana Davydchenko (Belarus), HuiFang Lim (Singapore), Eiman Al-Selahi (Kuwait), Hajar Alhayyan (Saudi Arabia)
  • Research Fellows: Nesreen Hassan (Egypt), Aleksander Kania (Poland), Bosco Lui (Canada), George Yuan (Canada), Naomi Spitale (Canada), Sindu Mohan (Canada), Fernando Aleman (Mexico), Amber Oberle (USA), Lisa Kim (Canada)
  • Master's Students: Adrian Fanat (Canada), Miki Peer (Canada), Elizabeth Simms (Canada), Amanda Giesler (Canada), Neha Punia (Canada), Afia Aziz-Ur-Rehman (Canada)
  • Undergraduate Students: Laura Cancelliere (Canada), Shannon Riley (Ireland), Susan Armstrong (Canada), Aoife Cox (Canada), Laura Zuccaro (Canada), Mark Monachino (Canada), Cara Pray (Canada), Bhavini Rajkumar (UK), Jennifer Cheng (Canada), Vishu Karthik (Canada), Jose Cano Eguez (Ecuador), Karin Plaza Lazo (Ecuador), Gayatri Nair (Canada)
  • Technologists: Jancy Stephen (Canada), Shauna Denis (Canada), Ann Efthimiadis (Canada), Brenda Helpard (Canada)

Key collaborators

Drs Sehmi, Cox, O'Byrne (Respirology); Dr Surette (Molecular Microbiology); Drs Bowdish, Richards, Stampfli (Immunology); Dr Trus (Hematology); Dr Brennan (Chemical Engineering); Drs Hamid, Baglole, Martin (McGill); Dr Boulet (Laval), Dr Lemiere (Montreal); Dr. Leigh (Calgary); Dr Parraga (Western); Dr Foster (Newcastle, Australia); Dr Lee (Mayo, Scottsdale, AZ)