Adult Nephrology Residency Training Program

Resident Publications

Dr. Michelle Haniff

  1. Haniff M, Joseph G. It's baby time: 3 pregnancies on intermittent hemodialysis. Case Report -   Accepted for presentation at CSN Annual General Meeting April 23-26, 2014 Vancouver
  2. Haniff M.Acid-base balance in hemodialysis patients receiving a standard base-buffer dialysate.  Abstract accepted for presentation CSN Annual General Meeting April 23-26, 2014 Vancouver BC

Dr. Vincent Ki

  1. Holder R, Clase C, Ki V.Fat soluble vitamins review - vitamin D section Jan 2011 - March 2012.  Submitted to Seminars of Dialysis, undergoing peer review
  2. Holden R, Clase C, Ki V. Water soluble vitamins review - vitamin B12 section  Jan 2011 - March 2012 Submitted to Seminars of Dialysis,undergoing peer review
  3. Lee C, Gangji A, Carlisle E, Ki V. Pneumococcal vaccination in hemodialysis patients - pilot RCT May 2011 - present.  Proposal drafted and preparing for submission
  4. Ki V, Hunt D, Ludwin D. Resident Research Day 2011 Refractory hypokalemia and hypertension:  OCCAM’s razor prevails
  5. Ki V. Resident Research Day 2012 Massive ascites and abdominal compartment syndrome causing acute kidney injury
  6. Ki V. Resident Research Day 2012 Atypical presentation of acute renal failure in an atypical pneumonia

Dr. Poli Lekas

  1. Lekas P. Treating hypophosphatemia in nocturnal hemodialysis with phosphate-containing enema: a technical study.  Abstract submitted to CSN 2009
  2. Lekas P. An unusual cause of recalcitrant congestive heart failure in dialysis patients.  Selected for presentation at the Annual Dialysis Conference March 2010 

Dr. Matthew Miller

  1. Miller M et al. Peritoneal dialysis catheter manipulation presented at 2011 World Congress of Nephrology.  Published:  Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology:  2012.  CJASN. Fluoroscopic manipulation of peritoneal dialysis catheters:  outcomes and factors associated with successful manipulation.
  2. Miller M.Mitrochondrial disease and renal transplant.  Poster presentation 2012 Canadian Society of Nephrology annual meeting.  Poster presentation at 2012 McMaster University Resident Research Day (2nd place).  Poster presentation submitted to 2012 American Society of Nephrology annual meeting.

Dr. Geetha Pillai

  1. Pillai G. Renal biopsy study - comparing the adequacy of specimen and complication rate between biopsies done by nephrologists and radiologists

Dr. Christine Ribic

  1. Holbrook AM, Wright M, Sung M, Ribic CM, Baker S.Statin associated rhabdomyolysis:  is there a dose-response relationship?  Can Journal of Cardio 2011;127(2):146-51
  2. Ribic C,Lodhi SA, Gregg JA, Lambe KE, Meier-Kriesche Hu. Longer CMV prophylaxis may prevent low level CMV reactivation but may not prevent primary CMV infection.  Abstract/Poster:  American Society of Nephrology 2011 - Top Young Investigator Abstract selected for oral in category "Transplantation".
  3. Ribic CM, Patterson S. Liu L, Clase C, Margetts PM. Are circulating fibrocytes an indicator of disease progression in glomerulonephritis.  Oral presentation at Canadian Society of Nephrology / World Congress of Nephrology Young Investigators Forum April 2011
  4. Ribic CM, Liu L, Clase C, Margetts PM. Are circulating fibrocytes and indicator of disease progression in glomerulonephritis?  Abstract / oral presentation Young Investigator Nephrology Education Forum February 2011
  5. Ribic CM, Burke AM, Karkhanechi S, Clase CM, Gangji AS. N-DEPTH - Nephrology DVT and pulmonary Embolism Prophylaxis Study in Hospitalized patients.  Abstract/Poster presentation at American Society of Nephrology November 2011
  6. Ribic CM, Lamontagne F , Johnston B, Briel M. You J, Sun X, Busse JW, Basler D, Vera C, Al-Shurafa M. Mills E, Guyatt G, Cook DJ, Akl EA.Concordance of reporting of primary outcomes in abstracts and full text of randomized clinical trials.  Is there an outcome reporting bias?   Abstract/Poster presentation 19th Cochrane Colloquium October 2011
  7. Connolly C, Gangji A, Ribic CM, Burger C. valuating the use of Basiliximab in low immunological risk patients.  Abstract/poster presentation Ontario Branch Pharmacy Research Day June 2011
  8. Margetts P, Ribic CM, Gangji AS. The role of circulating fibrocytes a predictor of allograft dysfunction in patients with renal transplant.  June 2011 – present
  9. Ribic CM, Guyatt G, Cook D, Akl E. Lost It Study - Part 2  May 2011 – present
  10. Ribic CM, Walsh M, Brimble S, Keating P. Modeling of chronic kidney disease progression in patients enrolled in the Kidney Function Program May 2010 – present
  11. Ribic CM, Gangji A, Cook D, Clase C. The Risk of ThromboEmbolism in patients Post Renal Transplant (REPORT) Study January 2010 – present
  12. Ribic CM, Gangji A, Clase C. Determining the prescription for venous thromboprophylaxis in patients on renal replacement therapy admitted to the general nephrology inpatient service.  January 2010 – present
  13. Margetts P, Ribic CM, Clase C. Are circulating fibrocytes a predictor of disease progression in patients with rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis?  November 2009 – present

Dr. Rajni Singhal

  1. Singhal R, Brimble KS. Thromboembolic complications in nephrotic sydnrome:  pathophysiology and clinical management.  Thromb Res 118:397-407, 2006

Dr. Avtar Sohal

  1. Sohal AS, Gangji AS, Crowther MA, Treleaven D. Uremic bleeding:  pathophysiology and clinical risk factors.  Thromb Res 2006;118(3):417
  2. Gangji AS, Sohal AS, Treleaven D, Crowther MA. Bleeding in patients with renal insufficiency: a practical guide to clinical management.  Thromb Res 2006;118(3):423-428

 Dr. Winnie Su

  1. Su,W, Yegappan C, Carlisle EJF, Clase CM. Reduced level of consciousness from baclofen in people with low kidney function.  British Medical Journal 2009;339:b4559

Dr. Karen To

  1. To K, MD, Gangji AS, MD, Wilkieson TJ, Kotsamanes CZ and Clase C*, MD.Oral Cholecalciferol Therapy in Prevalent Hemodialysis Patients: A Randomized Placebo Controlled Pilot Study   Nov 2011  Abstract at the American Society of Nephrology Annual Meeting, Philadelphia   Abstract / Poster Presentation May 2011 Gold medal winner for scientific poster presentation at the 22nd Annual McMaster Residents’ Research Day in Medicine, Hamilton
  2. To K, Ribic C, Alexopoulou L, Crowther M, Rabbat C*.Catastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Renal Disease: Case Report and Literature Review May 2011 Abstract and Poster at 22th McMaster Annual Residents’ Research Day in Medicine, Hamilton
  3. To K, Lukic D, Rabbat C*.A Case of Thymoma-Associated Systemic Lupus Erythematosus with Class V Membranous Lupus Nephritis May 2011 Abstract and Poster at 22th McMaster Annual Residents’ Research Day in Medicine, Hamilton