Adult Nephrology Residency Training Program


The Nephrology program has a strong research infrastructure to support trainees in pursuing either clinical, basic science or medical education research.  Numerous faculty members of the division have an interest in various aspects of nephrology. 

Dr. M. Walsh is a leader in clinical research in the field of vasculitis, perioperative medicine as well as dialysis.  Dr. C. Ribic is leading a number of clinical trials in the area of thrombosis in patients on dialysis as well as those that have been transplanted. Dr. S. Brimble and Dr. P. Margetts have a focus on clinical and basic science research respectively in peritoneal dialysis. Dr. R. Austin is a leader in research in the field of vascular calcification.

Dr. J. Krepinsky spearheads basic science research in the field of diabetes and its effect on the glomerulus.  Dr. C. Clase and Dr. C. Rabbat perform clinical research in the area of chronic kidney disease and have published extensively in this area.

Dr. M. Miller has a focus on simulation based education research.  Dr. A. Gangji has an interest in clinical research in association with volume assessment in patients with acute kidney injury and patients with end-stage renal disease as well as medical education research, specifically in the domain of curriculum development and implementation of novel methods of teaching.

Nephrology residents are actively involved in research projects collaborating with faculty within and outside of the Division of Nephrology.  Resident projects that have led to publications are listed below.

Additional information regarding the Division of Nephrology’s research productivity can be found at the Hamilton Centre for Kidney Research website