Adult Nephrology Residency Training Program


The McMaster University Nephrology Training Program is a large and diverse program that provides a strong exposure to all aspects of Nephrology.  All 17 nephrologists are based at St. Joseph’s Hospital Hamilton, which is the regional Nephrology centre.  All academic activities occur at this site.  There are over 750 dialysis patients of which more than 100 are on peritoneal dialysis. There is a large home hemodialysis program alongside the in-center program.  There is also a sizeable chronic kidney disease program, which is multi-disciplinary by design. 

Trainees are also exposed to an extensive and active renal transplant program.  There are 85 to 100 renal transplants that occur annually.  This is a very progressive program that performs living and deceased donor transplants.  Extended criteria and donation after cardiac death transplants are performed routinely. In addition, the program performs high risk transplantation requiring depletion including ABO incompatible and HLA incompatible transplants with donor specific antibodies. 

Trainees are provided a strong exposure to clinical, practical and contextual immunology as Dr. C. Ribic, a transplant nephrologist is the HLA Lab director.  The Division of Nephrology via Dr. A. Gangji also oversees the plasmapheresis program and there are 850 to 1000 treatments annually providing trainees a strong exposure to this modality and associated diseases.

The adult and pediatric nephrology programs have a close collaboration and residents have an opportunity to do a rotation in pediatric nephrology and participate in the transition clinic in pediatric nephrology.  In addition, the obstetrical medicine program is overseen by Dr. G. Joseph, a nephrologist.  This allows residents to gain experience in managing pregnant patients with renal complications.

Office space and other resources

There is a dedicated Nephrology Resident and Fellows office with a personal computer for each trainee.  Trainees are also provided specific textbooks at the start of their fellowship training as well as resources to access journals.  Membership to the Canadian and American Society of Nephrology is also provided.

Training Site

The majority of the training takes place at St. Joseph’s Hospital Hamilton (Charlton site).  Other affiliate teaching hospitals where specific rotations may take place include:

  • St. Joseph’s Hospital King Street Campus
  • Hamilton General Hospital
  • Juravinski Hospital and the Juravinski Regional Cancer Centre
  • McMaster University Medical Centre