Adult Nephrology Residency Training Program

Educational Rounds

The McMaster University Nephrology Trainee program has as its core objective to impart comprehensive based renal education and to graduate trainees who are practical and competent Nephrology consultants.    In order to achieve this goal, the training program has emphasis on obtaining a strong knowledge base in a contextual manner.  Trainee learning in various settings is stressed to help integrate and consolidate knowledge in a practical manner and in developing competencies in renal related procedures.

Being a resident focused program, the goal is to accommodate the resident’s chosen career path and the program has been successful in tailoring a career targeted towards either academic or community-based nephrology.  The following rounds occur over the course of the training period.

  1. Protected Academic Half Day (weekly): 2 sessions per academic half day (3 hours in duration) are provided by faculty to trainees.  Format is either lecture based and/or case-based learning.
  2. Case based Thursday noon rounds (weekly)
  3. Renal Grand Rounds (weekly)
  4. Renal Clinical Pathology Rounds (monthly)
  5. Research Rounds (every 2 weeks)
  6. Nephrology Journal Club (every 2 months)
  7. Transplant Journal Club  (every 2 months)
  8. Peritoneal Dialysis Journal Club (every 2 months)
  9. Research Journal Club (monthly)
  10. Plasmapheresis Journal Club (every 6 months)
  11. CRRT Journal Club (every 12 months)
  12. Visiting professor rounds (4 times/year)
  13. Combined Subspecialty Rounds (every 3 months)
  14. Specific rotation teaching (occurs at least weekly; days vary based on specific rotation)
  15. Grand Medical Rounds (weekly)

Procedure Based Program

  1. Hemodialysis central venous catheter insertion
  2. Native and Renal Transplant biopsies
  3. Peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion (optional)

Clinical and Contextual Learning

  1. Longitudinal clinics
  2. Dialysis clinics
  3. Pre and Post renal transplant clinics
  4. Specialty clinics (Glomerulonephritis, Hypertension, Chronic kidney disease)
  5. Vascular Access Rounds (monthly)
  6. Morbidity and Mortality Rounds
  7. Transplant patient care and policy meetings
  8. Plasmapheresis clinical care meetings