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E-mail and E-mail Restrictions


Medportal will now be used by the University, Postgrad and the Program Office, to contact residents.This portal is a "one time log in" where you can access Webeval, McPost, e-mail and other useful tools. (You will need to log into medportal each time, however; the "one time log in" refers to accessing Webeval etc via the medportal. Log into Webeval once & you won't need to log in again.)

Residents are required to have, and provide to the Program, a valid e-mail address, AND to check email frequently. Much of the Program, Postgraduate & McMaster information and communication is distributed to you, via your Medportal e-mail. Missing important information because you did not check your email will not be accepted as a valid reason for having missed.

Due to restrictions on hospital computers there is no longer access to Hotmail, Yahoo or Google etc. e-mail. Medportal e-mail is accessible to you, while you are at work.

Fellows are invited to receive a medportal email by emailing, however; fellows are not required to have a medportal account.

To request a medportal e-mail, or if you require help with obtaining your medportal email address and/or help with logging in, please contact: (I can't help you - you need to contact their support).

Medportal log in

Should you not want to access your medportal email frequently you can set this account to "Forward" to your regular, main email account. The feature to "Forward" can be found within the settings of your medportal email. If you require assistance please contact

Information changes, forms update, be sure you have obtained the most current information/forms each time you use these items.

When you complete the Program your @medportal e-mail will be changed to alumni status and accessible via medportal but you will no longer have access to any other features of the medportal system.

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