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Authors: Em Olivia Bevis & Jean Watson
ISBN 0763712485

Author, Em Olivia Bevis, Jean Watson, ISBN 0763712485, Toward a caring Curricullum Author:
 Em Olivia Bevis, MA, RN, FAAN, Adjunct Professor of Research, Georgia Southern College, Statesboro, Georgia
Jean Watson, RN, PhD, FAAN, Dean and Professor, School of Nursing, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado
Binding:  Paperback
Pages:  396
Copyright:  2000
This landmark book presents a challenging curriculum paradigm for nursing education that empowers nurses to create a healthcare system true to its name. It has emerged as a turning point in the ongoing curriculum revolution, continuing to inspire faculty and nursing graduates and affecting nursing practice. Ultimately, this book transforms our conception of nurses and nursing and has a profound effect on the health of individuals and communities

Table of Contents
Part I. Making a Case for a New Paradigm of Curriculum Development by Em Olivia Bevis

Illuminating the Issues: Probing the Past, A History of Nursing Curriculum Development - The Past Shapes the Present by Em Olivia Bevis

A New Paradigm of Curriculum Development by Jean Watson

 Transformative Thinking and a Caring Curriculum by Jean Watson

Part II. A New Age Exemplar Curriculum Paradigm by Em Olivia Bevis

 Nursing Curriculum as Professional Education: Some Underlying Theoretical Models by Em Olivia Bevis

 Clusters of Influence for Practical Decision Making about Curriculum by Em Olivia Bevis

Teaching and Learning: The Key to Education and Professionalism by Em Olivia Bevis

Making the Connection: Teacher-Student Interactions and Learning Experiences by Joyce P. Murray

Teaching and Learning: A Practical Commentary by Em Olivia Bevis

Accessing Learning: Determining Worth or Developing Excellence--From a Behaviorist toward an Interpretive-Criticism Model by Em Olivia Bevis

Part III. Toward a New Destiny: The Elegance of Liberation--A Conclusion by Em Olivia Bevis

From Dogma to Emancipation: An Examination of Traditional Behaviorist Curriculum Development by Em Olivia Bevis

 Making a Difference by Em Olivia Bevis

 The Future-in-the-Making: Creating the New Age by Jean Watson

Appendix I
Appendix II