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Feedback provided to a student on TRIPSE An Itchy Tale (example 2)

Evaluation of TRIPSE

Name: DB

Provisional Hypotheses/Explanations (10): 8

Further Explorations/ Proposed Studies (10): 8

Re-Assessment/Synthesis (10): 9

Total (30): 25


You proposed a number of explanations, some quite ingenious. Although I did not think of it, the possibility that the disease originated in Choyo and was carried to the others is real. Also the possibility that the main market is in Choyo which serves as a focus for dispersal is valid. Although this could explain the greater prevalence of the condition in that village, it is unclear whether that alone would explain the variability in adverse events. The other explanations, altered diet, altered genetics, variability in compliance and the use of herbal medicines could provide plausible explanations. It is also true that the demographic data were not given so the age/sex ratios may vary between the villages. The explanation you gave for the higher incidence of adverse effects amongst the Canadians is quite ingenious.

The approaches you mentioned to explore the possibilities listed were logical and appropriate.

Your re-assessment was neat and concise.

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