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Feedback provided to student K.L. (example 2 - see student answers on previous page)

Evaluation of TRIPSE

Name: KL

Hypothesis Generation (10): 7.7

Design of Exptl.Test (10):7.5

Re-assessment (10): 9

Total (30):24.2

You proposed 3 explanations. The first suggested that a component of red wine caused an accelerated breakdown of PE, thus nullifying a persistent response. In this context, you mentioned the distinction between red and white wine. The second hypothesis was a related one suggesting that the metabolite may act on the receptor to act as an antagonist. The third carried the argument further by suggesting that an enzyme present in the Red Wine produced different components of the agonist, such that one of them acted as a relaxant. Thus the net effect results from a decrease in PE as well as the production of the "relaxant" molecule. All three were interesting, but its a pity that you did not mention the effects of removing the endothelium. Since this was a crucial component, I could not give you more marks in this section. A real pity, since you had such a nice, rational approach.

The test proposed was reasonable but a bit too complicated. A simpler approach would have been to incubate PE with different concentrations of RHW and run samples on HPLC to see if different metabolites are produced and test those.

Your re-assessment was excellent.

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