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Feedback given to all students who participated in TRIPSE exercise (previous page):

To: All students in PMCOL 4E03

 From: PKR


The problem dealt with adverse events following ivermectin therapy for onchocerciasis in 3 African villages. The data to be explained are as follows:

Amongst the villagers, the microfilarial load varies between the 3 villages.

The percentage of adverse events varies between the three villages, those with the higher load having a higher percentage.

The Canadian team staying in the village with the lower load appears to have a higher percentage of adverse events.

Many different explanations can be given. Given the perspective of this course I would expect both biological and sociological explanations . Thus one could invoke variability in genetics leading to altered bio-transformation of the drugs, alterations in diet, environmental variables, psychological factors leading to over- or under-reporting of adverse events, compliance etc.

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