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Merilee on Her Way

Merilee has completed a successful work term at Patchipharm. She feels confident both about her abilities to tackle problems as well as her knowledge of pharmacological principles. She hears of a possible position in Dr. Cottenpurg's lab and decides to apply.

Dr. Cottenpurg is interested in Merilee's earlier studies with the nicotine patch. He tells her that they had a collobarative project with Patchiworks on smoking cessation. Unfortunately, the project has been temporarily shelved because the research worker involved has taken maternity leave. The project concerned the effects of a compound with the code name I-2-Can. The drug given orally had some effect on inducing smokers to quit smoking. The more interesting results were noted when the drug was given to smokers who were using nicotine patches. He shows her some data and suggests that she could pursue those studies.

All participants were required to quit smoking abruptly at the start of the study. Both groups were treated with a 30 mg nicotine patch. Individuals in the treatment group were given oral capsules containing 20 mg of the drug in a single capsule each day for the duration of the test. Control subjects were given equivalent dose of the placebo. All participants were given counselling and help to quit smoking. All, however, did continue to smoke and the number of cigarettes smoked is self-reported. Each group had 15 males between the ages of 25-30. Values shown are means for each group.

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